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Racewalking Techniques and Training

How to racewalk. Techniques, tips, drills, workouts and race strategy for racewalkers.
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How to Racewalk - Basic Tutorial
How to start learning the racewalking technique.

How to Racewalk - Step by Step
Coach Judy Heller of Ero-Fit and Associates shows you how to use the Olympic-style racewalking technique to walk fast and win races.

Racewalking Technique Examples
These examples show racewalking techniques, with exerpt comments by coach Judy Heller.

Racewalk Creeping
Definition of creeping for walking

Disqualification - Definition of Disqualification in Racewalking

Vaulting Phase
Definition of vaulting phase for walking

Single-Support Phase
Definition of single-support phase for walking

Driving Phase
A definition of this term for the racewalk stride.

Double Support Phase in Racewalking
A definition of this phase of the stride.

Definition of Flight Phase For Walking
Definition of flight phase for the racewalking stride.

Racewalking Shoe Guide Part I
How to select a shoe and responses from racewalkers on what they wear and why. From your About.com Guide.

Racewalking Shoe Guide Part II
Shoe construction and styles. From your About.com Guide.

Avoiding the DQ Club
Dave McGovern on how not to get disqualified during a race.

Exercise Pacing and Use of Music
How to use music to set and maintain pace, from Self Improvement Online.

Technique Drills
From Racewalk.com and USATF, racewalk flexibility drills pictured and described.

Learn Pace to Save Your Race
Dave McGovern on how to pace yourself.

Learning to Walk Fast
from your About.com Guide.  Why to walk faster, and tips on shoes.

Link Between Stride Frequency, Respiration Rate and Heart Rate
Dave McGovern demystifies the breathing thing.

Racewalk 101
Great animations of racewalk technique, plus the history and rules of racewalking.

Must-see site for racewalkers, edited by Jeff Salvage.

Team Oregon Publications
How to train, how to walk and run, training for a marathon, injuries, shoes, and more.

USATF's Racewalking Rules
The rules for competitive racewalking.

Racewalking Technique
Online book on racewalking and training.

What About Shoes?
From Dave McGovern. Don't let them sell you "walking shoes!" Dave lists the qualities to look for in a racewalking shoe.

What Constitutes Fast, Legal Racewalk Technique?
Dave McGovern provides his expert advice on how to racewalk right.

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