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Top 6 Walking Magazines


Updated May 31, 2014

Comedian George Carlin used to poke fun during his comedy act, "Walking Magazine? What's next, Breathing Magazine?" But Walking Magazine ceased publication in 2001. What other magazines can walkers turn to for advice on walking, fitness and health? My recommendations for magazines for walkers.

1. Walk About Magazine

Walk About Magazine Cover March 2013
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This excellent magazine is published every two months and is packed full of articles of interest to walkers - about walking! Coming from the Northwest USA, it has enough information on walking to satisfy fitness walkers everywhere. Disclosure: I have written articles for this magazine without compensation.

2. Prevention

For walkers interested in weight management and general fitness, Prevention gives a full package of health related information. Each monthly issue has a walking section, with good advice. Prevention has a holistic-health focus. I am a skeptic when it comes to alternative medicine, but I find the magazine to be readable and enjoyable even for a skeptic.
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3. Runner's World

For the fitness walker, racewalker, and those who want to know more about shoes and gear, Runner's World is an excellent magazine. Put away your prejudice - this magazine translates just fine for the fitness walker as well as the runner. Runner's World has lists of the technical shoe stores where they can fit your foot right, too. Simply substitute the word walk for run and walker for runner and you will be very happy with this magazine.
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4. Walking.About.com Weekly Email Newsletter

Look no further - you are already at the site with the most comprehensive information about walking anywhere. As your Guide, I keep it fresh with new original articles. Want to take it with you? That's what printers are for!

5. Walk! Magazine

This magazine was published from 2005-2008 but as of 2009 has moved to being an online and email newsletter. It covers racewalking and fitness walking.

6. The American Wanderer

This bimonthly magazine serves volkssport walkers in the USA with full listings of walking clubs and upcoming walks. It also has health and fitness articles and articles on special walking awards and programs. Don't fear the name - volkssport walking is walking at your own pace on great walking routes, and everybody is welcome. It is included with a membership in AVA.
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