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Top 5 New Balance Shoes


Updated May 16, 2014

You need a shoe wardrobe to keep walking in all weather and to go from track to streets to paths to trails. Here are my picks of New Balance shoes for the walker who likes a variety of walking routes and who isn't afraid of the woods or rain. These include my favorite New Balance neutral performance shoes, motion control shoes, trail shoes, and their truebalance toning shoes.

1. New Balance 890 v3 Lightweight Neutral Shoes

New Balance 890 v3
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This is a lightweight performance training shoe has a REVlite sole and is great for brisk walking. I've worn it as my daily-wear shoe for over a year, and it is perfect for my one-to-two mile workouts.

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2. New Balance 1080 Lightweight Neutral Training

New Balance 1080 v4
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The New Balance 1080 evolved from favorite older models. It is a lightweight neutral trainer that also has enough stability and cushioning for longer distance walking and running. I used the previous model for half marathons. It has reflective trim for night safety.

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3. New Balance 1012 Motion Control Shoes

New Balance 1012 Motion Control Shoe
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The New Balance 1012 is a motion control and stability shoe for those who overpronate. It is built on their SL-2 last which has a wider forefoot, deeper toe box, high instep and narrow heel. It comes in widths, including EE extra wide.

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4. New Balance WW860 Stability Walking Shoes

New Balance WW860 Shoes
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The 860 comes in both a walking version and a running version. The walking version has a lower heel and is better designed for a walking stride. Stability shoes are good for people who need more support. This shoe is very lightweight, nicely flexible, and flat. All good things. It also includes some motion control elements, so mild overpronators will get the correction they need. However, as a person with a neutral gait, I found that correction to be the wrong thing for me. That was disappointing because I really liked the feel of this shoe. It's also part of their Lace Up for the Cure Collection which benefits the Susan G. Komen for the Cure breast cancer charity.

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5. New Balance 927 Motion Control Walking Shoe

New Balance 927 Shoes
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The New Balance 927 is a very stable motion control walking shoe. It's available in full leather for great durability, and the traditional colors of black, white, brown and tan. It is approved by Medicare as a diabetic shoe. It's built on the SL-2 last which has a wider toe box and more volume, which makes it a good shoe to wear with an orthotic insert. It is the winner of the 2011 About.com Walking Readers' Choice Award for Motion Control Shoes.

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