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Nike Air Zoom Moire - Discontinued

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Updated June 23, 2012

Nike Air Zoom Moire

Nike Air Zoom Moire

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The Bottom Line

This style has been discontinued. It was one of the first shoes designed for use with the Nike+ iPod shoe sensor. Nike has added the under-insole sensor pocket to many shoes in its line, indicating them with a + (plus sign) after the name of the shoe. The Moire was a lightweight neutral shoe. See other lightweight performance shoes.


  • Ready for Nike + iPod sensor
  • Extreme flexibility much like the Nike Free 5.0
  • Comfortable flexible upper.
  • More cushioning than the Nike Free 5.0


  • Does not come in widths
  • No motion control
  • Gravel gets caught in the tread.


  • Extreme flexibility in the sole and upper.
  • Nike + iPod ready, with a sensor pocket underneath the sockliner.
  • Cushioning with Zoom Air in the heel and forefoot.

Guide Review - Nike Air Zoom Moire - Discontinued

The Nike Air Zoom Moire immediately calls to mind the best of the Nike Free 5.0 shoes, although with more cushioning. They are ready for the Nike + iPod sensor, with a pocket for it underneath the shoeliner filled with a plug.

The Nike Moire has a more generous toe box than most Nikes. They fit comfortably, although I still use only a thin sock with them.

The Nike Moire has many grooves in the outsole to allow the foot to flex naturally and roll through a step. Walkers more than runners need a flexible shoe to allow the foot to roll through a step. However, the grooves in the sole also pick up gravel.

The no-sew seamless upper is extremely comfortable. It feels great without socks. There is nothing to rub against your bunions. I struggle to find a shoe that won't bug my bunion, and this shoe left me with no complaints after a 2 hour walk.

The heel is a bit flared, which walkers don't need, but you are able to get a good heel plant with them and roll through the step due to the flexibility. The Zoom Air unit provides cushioning.

These are a comfortable part of my shoe wardrobe, great for walks of up to 2 hours, or wearing around the office, school, or home.

User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
Exellent, Member Joralfvaz

I've been using these type of running shoes from Nike. To be honest, they are great. More comfortable shoe my foots have been.

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