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New Balance 910 Trail Running Shoe

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Updated June 21, 2012

New Balance 910 Trail Running Shoe

New Balance 910 Trail Running Shoe

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The Bottom Line

For trail walking, this waterproof shoe provides stability and protection against rocks and roots with an all-terrain tread and durable outsole. It is built to last. For stability, it uses a stability web and transitional support system. Yet the sole is flexible in the forefoot so you aren't fighting a clunky shoe with each step. It also has anti-freeze foam so the shoes can be worn in cold weather without stiffening up. Most amazingly, it is as lightweight as many standard running shoes.
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  • Trail running shoe built on the PL-1 performance last
  • Waterproof Gore-Tex® liner


  • Low tops means water gets in anyway


  • Lightweight trail running shoe
  • Waterproof with rugged sole
  • Supportive and protects against rocks and roots.

Guide Review - New Balance 910 Trail Running Shoe

Update: As of summer, 2012, this shoe is becoming scarce with most sizes sold out. New Balance is not producing a full line of trail shoes and has no suggested replacement style. Browse our Top Picks for Trail Shoes to see current good choices from a variety of manufacturers.

I live in a rainy climate, so it is essential to have a waterproof shoe in my shoe wardrobe. The New Balance 910 not only is waterproof, it also meets my other criteria for a good fitness walking shoe. It is flat, somewhat flexible and lightweight.

I've worn this shoe in a couple of rainstorms. It kept my feet dry from puddles, but in the end the water ran down my pants leg into my socks. You can still get splashes up over onto your ankles as these are built like normal athletic shoes, not high-topped boots.

The tongue is gusseted to keep out trail debris, which also helps keep out the rain. There is a hard toe guard to keep you from stubbing your toes on rocks.

New Balance is making its shoes narrower these days. I bought the wide version and it works fine for me with lighter walking socks, but wouldn't accommodate a thick trail sock for me.

What I loved about these shoes is that they are light enough in weight that I could take them out for a long walk without the clunky feel of many waterproof trail shoes.

The sole is made for trail use, but doesn't seem to be too aggressive. It has a rock stop layer that will help protect your feet.

Bottom line: I'm very happy to have bought these shoes.

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