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Top Picks for Pocket Pedometers

Pedometers You Don't Have to Clip to Your Waistband


Updated May 16, 2014

Set your pedometer free from your waistband with these pocket pedometers. They use technology that allows you to carry them in a pocket, tuck them in your sock, or even wear them on a lanyard around your neck. They still need to be oriented correctly for the most accurate readings, but they are more tolerant of being carried at an angle of up to 30 degrees from vertical. Pocket pedometers are a good choice for people who have difficulty getting an accurate reading because of the shape of their waist. They are absolutely quiet, powered by silent accelerometer technology rather than clicking pendulum mechanisms.

1. Omron HJ-321 Pocket Pedometer

Omron HJ-321 Tri-Axis Pedometer
Wendy Bumgardner ©
The Omron HJ-321 works great as a pocket pedometer or worn with the removable clip. It uses a tri-axis mechanism and edits out junk steps so you don't get step credit for just jiggling around. In addition to steps, miles, and calories, it tracks aerobic steps. This allows walkers to track lifestyle steps and dedicated walking or running steps. It has a 7-day memory for easier tracking. The mechanism is accurate and silent. It comes with a pedometer security leash, which I highly recommend using so you don't lose your pedometer or have it fly off your waistband when using the restroom. The only drawback I see for this model is that it is pretty large.

2. Omron HJ-323U Downloadable Pedometer

Omron HJ-323U Pedometer
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The Omron HJ-323U has tri-axis technology so it is accurate whether you carry it in a pocket or use the slip-on clip to wear it on your waistband. It logs steps, aerobic steps, distance, active calories burned, and pitch (steps per minute of your aerobic steps). The pedometer has a 7-day memory display and it uses a battery that lasts for six months. It has a built-in USB stick to upload your data to the OmronFitness.com personal dashboard, where you can see daily, weekly and monthly totals. You can also set weekly goals, earn badges for achievements, and share these to Facebook or Twitter.

3. Sportline TraQ Any-Wear Pedometer 370

Sportline TraQ Pedometer 370
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There are so many things I love about this cute pedometer, that it's painful that there is a big flaw. I get an accurate step total for a dedicated walking workout. But I log an extra 2000 to 3000 steps because it counts all of the junk jiggles and motions you make that aren't really walking steps. Here is what I love: it is loaded with functions, including a pacing tone and a countdown of your daily step goal. The multi-line display has big numbers for easy reading. Other functions include day/date/time and alarm, distance, calories, exercise time, and stopwatch. The loop at the top makes it easy to wear around your neck on a lanyard. It comes with a removable clip if you want to wear it on your waistband.

4. YAMAX Power-Walker EX-510 Pedometer

YAMAX Power-Walker EX-510 Pedometer
Courtesy of Pricegrabber
This pedometer won our 2012 Pedometer Readers' Choice Awards. It has more memory than the common elephant. You can review 30 days of step data and 30 weeks of your walking totals. In addition to the usual steps, distance and calories it records your daily activity time and fat burned.

5. Sportline ShrinQ Pocket Pedometer 304

Sportline ShrinQ Pocket Pedometer 304
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This pocket pedometer has the same junk step overcounting flaw as the other Sportline models. What I like about this design is that it is so light and thin that it is easy to carry in a pocket or wear around your neck on a lanyard. It doesn't have a removable clip, so you can't choose to clip it to your waistband. The number display isn't as big as the other Sportline models. It counts steps and estimates calories burned. It has a time function.

6. New-Lifestyles NL-2000i Pedometer

New Lifestyles NL-2000i Day Total Steps
Wendy Bumgardner © 2012
This bean-shaped pedometer seems built to ride in your pocket, and it doesn't have a clip to wear it on your waistband. I like the display on the pedometer that shows your hourly progress towards your daily goals for steps, moderate-intensity physical activity, and calories burned. The automatic seven day and 14-day memory helps you track your walking.

7. Sportline ThinQ Pedometer 303

Sportline ThinQ Pedometer 303
Wendy Bumgardner ©
The ThinQ pedometer is a credit card-sized pedometer meant to be carried in your pocket or wallet. From your step count, it estimates distance and calories burned. It also has a stopwatch function and gives you the time of day. The mechanism is sensitive to being tilted -- you need to find a way to carry it so it is straight up and down at all times. I found it very accurate for a dedicated walk, carried in a jacket pocket. I found it less accurate in my pants pocket logging all-day steps as it has the same junk step flaw as the other Sportline models.

8. Sportline Qlip Any-Wear Pedometer 310

Sportline Qlip 310 Pedometer
© Pricegrabber
The Sportline Qlip pedometer has a removable clip or can be carried in a pocket. It counts steps and estimates calories burned. It has a time function and estimates speed and activity time. The sample I tested counted 10% more steps than the other pedometers I wore at the same time, including the other Sportline pocket models. It doesn't edit out junk steps. Because it has fewer features than the Sportline TraQ, I prefer the TraQ. The TraQ is also a lot cuter, although the Qlip is smaller and may be easier to carry for that reason.

9. Reebok InView Pedometer

Reebok InView Pedometer
Courtesy of Pricegrabber
This attractive, round pedometer is built to keep your data private. The front has a design and a button to push to choose different functions. But your data is displayed in a smaller window on the rim of the pedometer. You can wear it in a pocket or used the detachable clip to wear it on your waistband. It has 3-axis accuracy for a relatively low price. It shows your setps, distance, calories burned, and activity timer. You manually reset it on demand. It doesn't have day-to-day memory.
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10. Sportline Snapshot Pedometer 308

Sportline Snapshot Pedometer 308
Courtesy of Pricegrabber
This pedometer eliminates scrolling or changing screens to view your data. It's all right there on the front of the display, all of the time. The Snapshot doesn't have a clip, it is meant to be worn in a pocket close to your body. It displays steps, distance, calories, average pace, and activity time. You reset it on demand. I found it hard to pick out the names of the functions or any decimal points with my aging eyes.
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