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Best Pedometers - Readers' Choice Awards 2012



Updated May 31, 2014

Which is the best pedometer to count your walking steps and motivate you to walk? All of the finalists are advanced 3D pedometers of high accuracy. The finalists were nominated by readers and selected by our expert panel of walkers. Then the readers voted. Results shown during voting may not reflect the audited final counts used to determine winners. For more information see our FAQ. The prize: bragging rights.

1. Winner: YAMAX Power-Walker EX-510 Pedometer

YAMAX Power-Walker EX-510 Pedometer
Courtesy of Pricegrabber

YAMAX is one of the most venerable brands of accurate pedometers. This new design uses a 3D accelerometer and can be worn on your waistband or carried in a pocket. It has a 30-day memory and a 30-week memory. It captures steps, distance, calories, activity time and fat burned.

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2. Omron HJ-112 Pedometer

Omron HJ-112 Pedometer
© Omron

Nominations were numerous for this mighty pedometer. One nominator sums it up, "Simple controls and accurate reading make this the pedometer of choice for me. It's not the 'latest and greatest' model, but it's not expensive, doesn't require a computer and does exactly what is needed to keep track of your efforts and accomplishments." It has a 7-day memory and you can carry it in your pocket or clip it to your waistband.

3. NEW LIFESTYLES NL-2000i 3-D Piezoelectric Pedometer

NEW LIFESTYLES NL-2000i 3-D Piezoelectric Pedometer

This high-quality pedometer uses a 3-D sensor, which means you don't have to clip it to your waistband, it will work in a pocket, purse or on a lanyard. It tracks active steps, active minutes and active calories in addition to total steps and calories. It has an on-screen activity intensity review graph so you can monitor yourself all day -- a useful feature if you are trying to reduce your time spent sitting still. It has a 7-day or 14-day memory. You can track your first and second week data averages and see 7-day or 14-day moderate activity snapshots. Your low and high intensity activity levels are user-programmable. Although it doesn't have a cover, you can lock the keys to prevent accidental resetting. It comes in fun colors -- silver, deep red, blue, and rojo red. Available March 12, 2012.

4. MIO Pacer PC

Mio Pacer PC Pedometer
Courtesy of Pricegrabber

The MIO folks are best known for their calorie-counting/pulse monitor watches. This pedometer is also multi-function. It has a slim design and the accelerometer technology lets your carry it in your pocket or purse. One nominator said, "It keeps track of your steps and calories burned for up to a week. You can upload your progress to a personal page on their website. It also features a timer and alarm clock, and you can set its on/off time."

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5. Oregon Scientific 3D Gaiam Calorie Coach

Oregon Scientific Gaiam Calorie Coach
© Oregon Scientific

This stylish pedometer can be carried in a pocket or worn on a lanyard around your neck. One nominator said, "Simple to use, just put in pocket and go. Has time/alarm and7day memory."

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