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Sportline TraQ Pedometer 370

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Updated April 10, 2012

Sportline TraQ Pedometer 370

Sportline TraQ Pedometer 370

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The Bottom Line

The Sportline TraQ Any-Wear pedometer uses their Infiniti motion sensor technology. It can be clipped to your waistband or carried in a pocket, sock, or on a lanyard. It is loaded with functions, including a pacing tone and a countdown of your daily step goal. The multi-line display has big numbers for easy reading. Other functions include day/date/time and alarm, distance, calories, exercise time, and stopwatch.
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  • Counts steps, estimates distance and calories burned
  • Goal countdown for step goal
  • 7-day memory,Stopwatch, calendar, pacing tone and alarm
  • Separate calibrations for walking and running
  • Big number display


  • No sensitivity adjustment, so may overcount steps


  • Counts steps, calculates distance and calories.
  • Wear it as a pocket pedometer, pendant or on your waistband.
  • Many functions.

Guide Review - Sportline TraQ Pedometer 370

The Sportline TraQ Any-Wear pedometer counts your steps and calculates distance and calories burned. You set your stride length in order for it to calculate the distance. You can set different lengths for walking and for running.How to measure stride length

The TraQ doesn't have a cover to protect the buttons from accidental reset, but they are recessed and it isn't easy to push them unintentionally. You can wear it clipped to your waistband or remove the clip and carry it in a pocket or on a lanyard. It must hang longwise up and down at no more than a 30 degree angle for the best accuracy. It should be held tightly to the body rather than bouncing around in a loose pocket. Wearing it on a lanyard, it should be tucked into your shirt so it doesn't bounce around. But that risks getting it wet from sweat condensation, which could cause malfunctions.

You can reset the step total using the reset button. The default screen has the time of day, day and date with the step count in smaller numbers on the bottom. You can then toggle to view steps, calories, distance, walking time, percent of daily step goal, and speed. It has a 7-day memory. I like the big number display.

This pedometer uses a motion sensor mechanism, and I found it to be silent.

The pacing tone is a great idea, but I could barely hear the high pitched chirp. I would have to wear it next to my ear.

I wore it on a necklace and tucked it into my shirt for a 6-mile walk and it gave the same step count as my waistband pedometer. But I found it counted a lot of junk steps when I wore it around the office to count total daily steps. It would be more accurate worn on the waistband or in a secure pocket.

The battery is replaceable.

It has a 1-year warranty.

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 5 out of 5
, Member reallypsed

love this pedometer.its small,easily clips on waist.counts steps accurately.

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