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GeoPalz Pedometers and Activity Tracker

Pedometers for Kids

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Updated July 02, 2012

Geopalz Pedometer Activity Tracker

GeoPalz Pedometer Activity Tracker

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GeoPalz pedometers come in kid-attracting shapes. The fun plastic pedometers count walking steps. Buying a GeoPalz pedometer allows access to the Geopalz.com web site where children can track their walking steps and "Walk to Win" prizes and certificates. Walking steps can be tracked using any pedometer.

GeoPalz Pedometer

The GeoPalz pedometers come in fun shapes and have simple operation. The shapes include sports, rock, fantasy, edgy, cutesy and Skelanimals. Each pedometer has the actual pedometer that clicks into a plastic shell, which has the decorative shape on one side and the belt clip on the other.

The pedometer only counts steps, so there is nothing to set-up. It has a recessed reset button. I like the design in that the reset button is protected from accidental resetting. The pedometer clicks into the shell holder and you pop it out to see the reading. The pedometer is on a leash attached to the shell.

The belt clip was very secure, it didn't pop off my waistband at all. However, it is always smart to add a security leash, especially when being used by active kids.

The pedometer powers down when not in use, to save battery life, and comes alive as soon as it is moved.

I found it to be reasonably accurate for step counting, it exactly matched two other trusted pedometers on an eight-mile walk, throughout the walk.

I love the fun designs, which make this a nice gift for a kid as a first pedometer. They are not child-safe for those under age three.

Geopalz.com Walk to Win

Geopalz Pedometer and Case

Geopalz Pedometer and Case

Wendy Bumgardner © 2010
Each GeoPalz pedometer comes with an access code to the GeopPalz.com web site. This web site allows kids to log their pedometer steps and earn certificates and prizes. Parents can also get emailed summaries of their kid's entries.

Users can log steps from any pedometer, so if the GeoPalz pedometer breaks or is lost, no worries, just use any pedometer for tracking steps. The daily steps are tracked on a chart. Cumulative steps and consecutive days of adding steps give users new levels of achievement.

Total steps are also added to a map so kids can see how far their steps can take them.

Walk to Win Prizes: The prizes earned include active items such as a sports water bottle, hacky sack, frisbee, football, games, and gift certificates to a major retailer.

Awards: As you reach each milestone, you get a printable certificate, plus an award in an online trophy case.

Bottom Line on GeoPalz Pedometer

I really like this combination of a fun pedometer and a web site that rewards kids for walking. The designs will appeal to kids through the tween years, when kids most need encouragement to be more active. I found the pedometer to be accurate and well-designed. It doesn't have any complicated mechanisms. The web site even made me want to walk more and earn prizes. This is a great stocking stuffer or back-to-school gift.

I give it four out of five stars because the two-part design is different from what I am used to using, and the pedometer has only a single function (counting steps).

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