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Reviews of pedometers, including those that count steps, calculate speed and distance and calories burned.
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Top Picks for Pedometers
Reviews and picks for pedometers that include functions such as calculating speed and calories burned, taking your pulse, and acting as a timer. From your About Guide.

Top Wristband Activity Monitor Pedometers
Free your waistband with these activity monitors you wear on your wrist.

Pocket Pedometers
If you don't want to have to clip a pedometer to your waistband, look into these pocket pedometer models. They are built on the newest technology that counts steps when the pedometer is in a pocket or being worn around your neck.

Top Picks for Pedometer Watches
If you don't like wearing a pedometer on your waistband, you may want to look into a pedometer watch. They may not be as accurate, but the technology is improving and the top choice is one I often use.

Bluetooth-Linked Pedometers and Activity Monitors
Go mobile with these devices that link to apps via Bluetooth.

Top Picks for Computer-Linked Pedometers
To stay on track, use one of these computer-linked pedometers to log and graph your walking workouts and lifestyle walking.

Sleep-Tracking Activity Monitors
Some activity monitors track sleep as well as steps and physical activity. Here is how they compare.

Best Pedometers - Readers' Choice Awards 2013
Details on the finalists in the pedometer category.

Pedometers - Reader Reviews
Walkers rate and review pedometers. See submissions

Accusplit Eagle AE170 Pedometer
This pedometer uses a highly accurate mechanism.

Accusplit Eagle AE120 Pedometer
This pedometer was long regarded as one of the most accurate.

Garmin Forerunner 201 GPS Speedometer
This GPS speedometer shows pace, speed, distance, calories burned, training zone alerts, virtual partner, route mapping, and you can download to a computer.

HealthLinq Pedometer Review
A simple pedometer.

New Lifestyles NL-1000 Activity Monitor Pedometer
Counts steps, calculates distance, and shows activity minutes, with seven day memory.

New Lifestyles NL-2000i Accelerometer Pedometer Review
A review of this advanced pocket pedometer.

New Lifestyles NL-800 Activity Monitor Pedometer
This step-counting pedometer has a 7-day memory.

Oregon Scientific Gaiam Calorie Coach Pedometer - PE980
Review of the Gaiam Calorie Coach Pedometer PE980. This advanced design pedometer can be carried in a pocket or on a lanyard.

NL-2000 Activity Monitor Pedometer
Count steps and estimate activity calories burned, then review them with automatic 7-day memory. A great small, silent pedometer to use to track your steps.

RYP Digital Mini Pedometer
Good multifunction pedometer with big, easy-to-read display.

TrekLinq Pedometer Review
The TrekLinq Pedometer is a multi-function step counting pedometer.

Larklife Activity and Sleep Monitor Review
This app-linked activity and sleep monitor coaches you for a healthier lifestyle.

Jawbone UP Activity Monitor Review
The UP syncs with a phone app via the audio jack port to track exercise, sleep, diet and activities.

Best Pedometers - Readers' Choice Awards 2012
See the winner and finalists voted by our readers in the pedometer category for the 2012 Readers' Choice Awards.

Readers' Choice Awards Finalists 2011 - Pedometers
Our readers vote for their favorite pedometer in the 2011 Readers' Choice Awards.

Best Pedometer Nomination Form
Nomination form for best pedometer for the annual About.com Walking Readers' Choice Awards. Nominations are open in January and February.

Walking Gadgets to Crave from CES 2014
These fitness trackers debuted at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show. Will they go the distance or will they be non-starters?

Bitbelt is a security loop to add to your wristband pedometer to keep it from coming undone and getting lost.

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