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Top 10 Water Carrier Waist Packs


Updated April 24, 2013

Drink when thirsty! That's the rule of thumb for a walk of any length. Carrying your own water or sports drink is the surest way to be able to drink when thirsty. These packs and carriers allow you to take along a water bottle. What I look for in a pack are reflective elements for safety, a strap to attach my jacket, and the right amount of storage for my length of walk.

1. Ultimate Direction Access Plus

Ultimate Direction Access Pack
Courtesy of Pricegrabber
I love this angled water bottle holster for quick access to the 20-oz. bottle. It has reflective piping for night safety. The Access Gel has a small zippered compartment for essentials and a mesh pocket to hold a gel flask or other items - like your cell phone. The water bottle has a Kicker Valve for easier access without leakage.

2. Camelbak Delaney

Camelbak Delaney
Courtesy of Pricegrabber
The Delaney is designed for speed. It comes with a 21-ounce Podium Chill bottle, which is a squeezable BPA-free plastic bottle. It has a small essentials zip pocket. The pack is made with perforated foam for comfort and breath-ability. It has front and back reflective piping for safety.
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3. Fuel Belt

Fuel Belt MP3
Wendy Bumgardner ©
If you are into the energy gel thing, or want to carry a variety of water and sports drinks, this belt has four 7-oz flasks and a handy pocket for your other necessities. Two water, 1 sports drink, 1 gel? Whatever combo you want.

4. Mountainsmith Dart

Mountainsmith Dart
Just my water and my keys, please. This waistpack is perfect for going light. It has a slanted water bottle holder for quick and easy access, and a small zippered pocket for your ID, keys, and other small essentials.
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5. Nathan Elite 1 Plus

Elite Plus 1
Wendy Bumgardner © 2008
The Nathan Elite Plus has some extras that make it more versatile than the other angled-holder waistpacks. It comes with a 22 oz. water bottle and a 5 oz. gel flask. The water bottle has a thread that is water filter compatible. The finger loop has a clip for easy attachment to belts or backpacks. The water bottle holder compartment is insulated, while the gel flask compartment is mesh with an elastic top. You can use the gel flask compartment for a cell phone, camera, or iPod instead of the flask. The zippered compartment has room for small essentials, but is big enough I could fit my digital camera inside. I love the bungee cord for attaching my jacket once I warm up. Fits waists size 26-42 inches.
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6. Ultimate Direction Solitaire HHS

Ultimate Direction Solitaire
I have to admit that I have a love of Ultimate Direction water carrier packs. The water bottle is a big part of that, as they are very well designed. This version holds the water bottle horizontally in an insulated carrier, and has a pocket roomy enough for a good bunch of essentials when you go for a walk. This pack features the larger 26 oz. water bottle, great for longer walks.
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7. Aquaclip

Wendy Bumgardner © 2006
Forget the pack, you say? You just want some way to attach a bottle of water or soft drink to your belt? The Aquaclip does it -- simply slip onto the neck of the bottle and clip it on your belt. This is also an easy way to add a bottle when your favorite pack doesn't have a bottle carrier. My husband and male walking buddies love the Aquaclip.

8. Amphipod Full Tilt

Amphipod Full Tilt
Wendy Bumgardner
The Amphipod Full Tilt system is contoured to fit snugly into your lumbar area with no bouncing and is easy to wear under a jacket. The 20 oz. water bottle is contoured and fits securely in its sleeve. It is surrounded top and bottom by zippered pouches to carry small essentials. Fast walkers and racewalkers would find this style excellent for moving with their body.

9. Camelbak Stamina Waist Pack

Camelbak Stamina I
Courtesy of Pricegrabber
Camelbak also has one of my favored slanted bottle carriers with storage for your cell phone, iPod or other small essentials. The bottle is Camelbak's excellent Performance Bottle. With this bottle, you just suck on the Big Bite Valve and you don't have to tip the bottle up and obstruct your view of the route or trail. It has a stash pocket on the waistbelt for quick-access items. It has front and back reflective elements for night safety.
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10. Nathan Trek Waist Pack

Nathan Trek Water Carrying Waist Pack
Courtesy of Pricegrabber
This pack has a slanted bottle holder with a 22-ounce bottle. The bottle has a finger loop to make grabbing it even easier. The zippered compartment is big enough for a cell phone and wallet and has a cord port for your headphone cord. It has an elastic retention strap for the water bottle, which some users say is needed to keep the bottle in place if you are bending over.
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