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Ultimate Direction Access Gel Pack

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Updated June 23, 2012

Ultimate Direction Access Gel Pack

Ultimate Direction Access Gel Pack

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The Bottom Line

This pack is ideal for carrying just enough on a fast endurance walk or run or on marathon day. The slanted access makes it easy to get to your water and energy gel without breaking stride. The zippered pocket is small, best suited for keys and minimal ID. It has been updated as of 2012 to place the gel carrier on the side of the water bottle holder.
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  • Slanted access to water bottle and energy gel flask
  • Small zippered compartment for essentials
  • Reflective patches on waist strap


  • No bungy for carrying extra items
  • Small capacity for essentials


  • Slanted, insulated bottle holster - quick access with stability. Water Bottle 20 oz. included.
  • Small zippered pocket to hold the bare essentials.
  • 4 oz. Energy Gel Flask included, holds the equivalent of 4 gel packs.
  • Adjustable 1.5 inch waistbelt for secure fit, with reflective belt end holders.

Guide Review - Ultimate Direction Access Gel Pack

Come marathon day, you want to take along just enough. The Ultimate Direction Access Plus Pack is just right. I have long favored the Ultimate Access Pack for its slanted bottle holder which makes it easy to grab a drink without breaking stride.

This pack adds an energy gel flask to bring along enough energy gel for the marathon. The zippered pocket is only big enough for ID, chapstick, and a few bandaids and tissues. The only drawback is that I like to have a bungy or strap to hang a jacket or shirt from after warming up.

I used the mesh pocket to carry my cell phone rather than a gel flask. A caveat - I had my cell phone leap out of it at the start of the 2004 Portland Marathon. Be sure yours is secure.

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