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Reebok Fitness Trainer Heart Rate Monitor - Discontinued

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Updated June 22, 2012

The Bottom Line

This heart rate monitor model has been discontinued by Reebok. See our Top Picks for Heart Rate Monitors Under $100 for current models.


  • Heart rate and zones, with alarm in numbers and percentage
  • 50 lap memory, stopwatch
  • Time in, above, below zone


  • None


  • Chest strap plus wrist display, user-changeable battery
  • Triple display showing heart rate plus time of day, elapsed time, time in zone.
  • Can take resting pulse without chest strap.

Guide Review - Reebok Fitness Trainer Heart Rate Monitor - Discontinued

The Reebok Fitness Trainer heart rate monitor has many advanced functions to help you exercise in your chosen heart zone. The display includes a backlight for night walking. The display scans through average heart rate, highest and lowest heart rate and total exercise time. It also has a stopwatch and 50-lap memory of average heart rate. All heart rate values are shown both by number and percentage of maximum. You can change the batteries yourself. It also features Key Press Heart Rate - the user can monitor heart rate without chest strap by pressing a button in sequence with their pulse.

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