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Polar F6 Heart Rate Monitor - Discontinued

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Updated June 22, 2012

The Bottom Line

Update 2012: This model has been discontinued. Polar now has the FT line for fitness. The Polar FT7 is the model most like the old F6. Use the Compare Prices button to see pricing for the FT7.
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  • Target zones with alarm
  • Stopwatch and watch
  • Download workout data to your PC


  • Need to learn all of the functions.


  • Chest strap plus wrist display
  • Displays heart rate, elapsed time, calories.
  • Downloads data to your PC with a sonic link, analyze it online on the Polar Personal Trainer web site.

Guide Review - Polar F6 Heart Rate Monitor - Discontinued

The Polar F6 heart rate monitor gives you all the info you want and the means to store it and analyze it. Calculates your maximum heart rate and your calorie expenditure. Then download it all to your computer with the included sonic link and software, and upload it to a personal web Polar Trainer web site. Because of all of these features, you have to spend some time to learn to use them. But when you do, you have a powerful tool for getting the most out of your workouts.
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