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Body Fat Monitor Product Reviews

Reviews of body fat monitors and scales. Devices that measure your body fat to give you a truer picture of the effects of diet and exercise.

Before You Buy a Body Fat Monitor
What to consider when you are choosing a body fat monitor. Should you try a body fat scale, a handheld monitor, or use skinfold calipers?

Top Picks for Body Fat Monitors
These measurement devices can tell you your body fat percentage.

Withings Wifi Body Scale Review
This scale makes it easier to keep track of your weight as it broadcasts it via WiFi to view online or with a mobile app.

EatSmart Precision GoFit Digital Body Fat Bathroom Scale Review
You can track not only your weight, but also body fat, muscle and bone mass for up to eight users.

Tanita 2204 Body Fat Scale
Tanita 2204 Body Fat Scale measures weight and body fat and stores data for two people.

Omron Body Fat Analyzer
Handheld unit lacks scale, you must input the weight. Gives body fat percentage and body fat weight. Programmable for multiple users.

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