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Powerwalking and Speedwalking

Powerwalkers walk for speed and/or to get a good workout through use of speed, technique, or the addition of weights and poles.
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How to Walk Fast
Step by step tutorial with techniques to gain speed and power. From your About.com Guide.

Speed Walking
This term is applied to several styles of walking. Find out the differences and how to walk faster.

Ideal Weekly Walking Workout Schedule
If you want to build speed, endurance, and aerobic capacity, mix up your walking workouts throughout the week with this schedule developed by Dave McGovern.

Before You Buy Walking Weights
I am often asked about wearing weights to increase your walking workout or to tone the upper body while walking. However, I have never found a walking expert or coach who said this was a good idea. All agree that adding weights at the ankle, wrist or foot may increase the risk of strain and injury.

Before You Buy Walking Poles
Poles have different features for different activities. Here is how to pick the right pair or single stick for what you want to do.

Book Review - Walking Fast - Therese Iknoian
This books shows you how to use racewalking technique to walk faster.

Nordic Walking Online
Learn basic Nordic Walking technique using fitness walking poles. This site has a simple instruction page, plus eBook, DVD, video, and contacts for live instruction.

Walkers Share their Worst-Place Finishes
Somebody has to be last. Our readers share their tales.

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