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Nordic Walking: The Ultimate Fitness Experience

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Updated June 27, 2012

The Bottom Line

Nordic Walking with fitness walking poles has taken Europe by storm in the past five years. This DVD shows the benefits and basic technique of nordic walking, geared to the North American audience. Bernd Zimmerman demonstrates technique while showing many variations including jogging and using the poles in stretching and warmups. Nordic Walking turns walking or jogging into a total body workout, burning more calories while reducing stress on the knees.


  • Basics of nordic walking technique.
  • Benefits of nordic walking for fitness.
  • Using nordic walking poles for stretching and warmups.


  • None


  • Describes the benefits of Nordic Walking to burn more calories and give a total body workout.
  • Explains the features of Nordic Walking poles.
  • Shows the basic Nordic Walking technique.
  • Describes the basic techniques for using poles for level, uphill, and downhill Nordic Walking.
  • Shows advanced techniques for jogging, running, or bounding with the poles.
  • Interval training and heart rate zone workouts.
  • Stretches, warmups, and calisthenics shown using the poles.

Guide Review - Nordic Walking: The Ultimate Fitness Experience

Nordic Walking is walking with fitness walking poles. By adding poles, walkers burn more calories as they use their upper body muscles as well as their legs. The result is an increased heart rate without an increase in perceived exertion. Burn more, feel less. This video first explains the history and design of nordic walking poles.

The basic Nordic Walking technique is shown. The grip-and-go technique with the hands is an important concept, as it tones the upper body without producing tension. The video shows typical mistakes that people make. I think the video is a bit light on coaching here, it is fairly brief and non-technical. That's good to inspire you into giving it a try, but may not be enough to get people into the correct technique.

Advanced Nordic Walking techniques are shown for those who want to increase their heart rate and add more variety. These include uphill, downhill, interval training, and information on heart rate zones.

Exercises including warmups, stretches, and calisthenics are shown but not described. I've found that using the poles really helps me with stability in doing stretches, especially when there is no handy wall or fence to use.

This video is good for a basic introduction to Nordic Walking. I think it could do a better job on coaching the technique, but does inspire you to want to give it a try.

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