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Pedometer Walking and Step Tracker Programs

Track your pedometer walking steps with these programs. Some programs use online databases, others use printed maps, logs, or forms. All aim to help you set and achieve your fitness goals through pedometer walking.

Step Counters
Step Counters - Pedometer Walking Program will get you started with pedometer walking. This free daily four-week program will send you an email newsletter that will encourage you to add more steps to your day towards a goal of 10,000 steps per day.

Webwalking USA - A Virtual Coast to Coast Walking Log
Use this free chart to motivate your pedometer walking. Track a virtual walk across the USA on the American Discovery Trail.

Walking Stars Challenge
Track your walking steps online each week and earn the Green, Silver, or Gold Star award.

Walking Calendars and Logs
Our free printable walking logs to track your walking steps, time, distance, speed, and notes. Also includes an Excel spreadsheet. Choose daily, weekly or monthly logs.

America on the Move Pedometer Walking Program
Get moving with the free America on the Move pedometer walking program. Chart your walking steps each day and track your progress on virtual trails such as the Lewis and Clark trail. Get a daily email newsletter and join a group.

The President's Challenge
You can earn a Presidential Active Lifestyle Award by logging your pedometer steps or walking time on this free web site.

Creative Walking Pedometer Programs
Rob Sweetgall has individual and school programs. The individual program includes the Pedometer Walking book and 52-week log and your choice of Digiwalker pedometers. The school/club Smart Stepping Program incorporates pedometers, student logs, a Walk Across America theme, a staff wellness program and family activities. He also has a chart to "Walk Across America" like Rob did - 7 times.

These charts are a great way to motivate yourself, your class, or your club to get walking. Track your walking mileage towards destinations such as Across America, To Hawaii, Across the Wild West.

Cornerstone Fitness Just Walk 10,000 Steps-a-Day Pedometer Walking Program
Cornerstone Fitness Just Walk 10000 Steps-a-Day Program motivates individuals, groups, and corporations to improve their fitness.

My Stride Walking Program
Join this walking program to log your pedometer steps and have a chance to win prizes. There is a small monthly fee.

Log your walks online for free at MyWalks.com walking journal.

New Lifestyles School or Worksite Pedometer Programs
New Lifestyles offers over 20 different versions of school and adult pedometer walking programs with three base kits--WOW (the WHOLE WATUSI!!!), GUS (Get-You-Started), and BEK (Bare Essentials). Choose from programs geared to elementary and secondary schools or teens and adults. Their CHALLENGE charts let you do a virtual walk across various geographic regions.

Race to the Moon - One Small Step at a Time
Race to the Moon from HealthAmerica is a program using Actihealth activity monitors to award prizes for activity and a social group race to the moon.

Free online database to track and chart your pedometer walking steps. You can create your own "club" with friends or join one of their fun clubs such as "Survivor" or "Weakest Link" to compete with others to chart the most steps.

Walking Idol Challenge
Track your walking minutes each week to earn the title of Bronze, Silver, or Gold Walking Idol.

America on the Move Logs 2 Billion Steps and a Million Miles
The America On The Move program was one year old in August, 2004 and logged great success in getting people to wear a pedometer and log their walking steps.

GCC Global Corporate Challenge - Workplace Pedometer Wellness Program
This 16-week program pits teams of seven in a challenge to walk 10,000 steps per day and compete against other teams in the same company.

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