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Using the Nike+iPod Sensor


Updated June 01, 2014

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Attach the Nike+iPod Sensor to the Velcro Patch on your Shoe
Nike+iPod Sensor Attached with Velcro

Nike+iPod Sensor Attached with Velcro

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Now simply press the sensor onto the velcro patch on the tongue of the shoe and relace the shoe, crossing the laces over the sensor for extra security.

Try to position the sensor so it is as untilted as possible - it should be level with the ground front to back and side to side. You will need to recalibrate the sensor for the best accuracy, as it is likely to be slightly tilted in one direction or another.

If you switch this same sensor between shoes, you should recalibrate it for each shoe after each switch. If that is your plan, it would be wise to measure off a quarter mile calibration area near where you usually walk or run and use that route for recalibration as needed.

Step by Step Screen Shots of Calibrating Your Sensor

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