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How to Calibrate the Nike+iPod Sensor


Updated June 02, 2014

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How to Calibrate the Nike+iPod Sensor
Nike+iPod Sport Kit

Nike+iPod Sport Kit

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The Nike+iPod sensor should be calibrated for your walking and running strides. The procedure is not at all scary, and the iPod nano does a good job of coaching you through it.

Measure Out a Route to Use for Calibration

The first thing you need is a known-distance course. Most outdoors tracks in the USA are 400 meters around the inside lane (this is about 1/4 mile), and that is a choice for calibration.

If you don't have access to a track, you will want to measure out a route where you can walk or run nonstop that is at least 1/4 mile.

If you plan to move the sensor between shoes, especially if they are not Nike+ ready shoes, you should recalibrate the sensor each time you switch it between shoes. Slight variations in the tilt of the sensor can affect the accuracy of the readings.

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