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Pedestrian Activism Organizations

Associations and pedestrian activist groups in the USA.

America WALKs: Pedestrian Advocacy for Walkers
America WALKs is a pedestrian advocacy organization.

America WALKs
Association of pedestrian activist groups in the USA.

California Walks
California Walks is a coalition of nonprofit pedestrian advocacy groups promoting walkable communities for all people throughout California.

Living Streets
Living Streets, formerly called the Pedestrians Association, works in the UK to improve the quality of streets and public spaces that people on foot can use and enjoy.

Promotes walking for transportation and recreation.

Walk San Francisco
Walk San Francisco is a member based pedestrian advocacy organization that wants to make San Francisco a more livable and walkable city.

Partnership for a Walkable America
Hosts the Walk Your Child to School Day.

Dedicated to achieving safe, walkable communities.

A grassroots non-profit organization to promote walkable communities and the pedestrian environment in the San Diego area.

Walkable Communities, Inc.
A non-profit corporation organized to help communities become more walkable and pedestrian-friendly.

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