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Balance Walking Program


Updated July 26, 2010

Balance Walking Poles

Balance Walking Poles

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About the Balance Walking Program:

The Balance Walking program encourages using low impact physical activity for at least 15 minutes per day, stress reduction, good nutrition and muscle toning for optimal health. It shares creators with the Foot Solutions chain of foot health stores, and uses tool such as fitness walking poles and toning shoes to enhance walking workouts. Balance Walking coaches are available in many areas to coach walkers in the proper nordic walking technique.

How to Join:

The program is available through Foot Solutions stores. An instructional book and video are available. Many stores also have Walk Leaders who organize walking groups, usually without a fee. They may have a Balance Walking certified coach for live instruction in nordic walking technique. Go to the Finding a Coach page to search for coaches in your local area. Coaches may charge a fee for their instruction.

Any Foot Solutions store can provide the fitness walking poles and good footwear for a walking program.

Find Out More:

See demonstrations and read more about the program at Balance Walking web site.

Support for Causes:

The Balance Walking Program supports the Susan G. Komen For the Cure events. They have a pink walking pole with sales supporting that charity. They also recommend getting a free foot analysis and footwear recommendations at a Foot Solutions store before training for charity walking events.

A Blogger Tries Balance Walking:

Lee Kantor of the Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy Blog joined the Balance Walking program and had lessons from coach Terry Kennedy. "I love the Balance Walking program it is an important of my exercise program. I feel like it has helped keep me compliant by adding variety to my walking workouts. I have gotten my wife and son poles and we frequently walk together with them."

Glo Winters on Balance Walking and Coaching:

Fitness coach Glo Winters says, "I connected with Balance Walking which provides a great certification standard as well as poles and walking shoes to enhance the experience and also to profit from if you choose.

"I often work with people one on one to introduce them to the activity. I have also formed walking group that meets various times throughout the week. I do host FREE Workshops often to introduce people to this great form of exercise. I realize that people feel a little cautious about joining in with the group without first having experience with the poles."

Bottom Line:

Fitness walking poles are the piece of equipment that I recommend for enhancing a walking workout program. I believe that the science and experience supports using a nordic walking technique to improve upper body toning, core toning, and aerobic conditioning while relieving lower body strain while walking. But it is important to get live coaching in order to use the walking poles correctly for the best effect. Balance Walking coaches can provide this needed live coaching.

Toning shoes are exploding in popularity, but not every shoe is right for every walker. The Foot Solutions store experts offer free foot analysis that aims to get walkers into the right footwear for their individual needs. While the store has a profit motive in selling toning footwear, they are also committed to developing lifelong customers. If you are going to experiment with toning shoes, I recommend getting them from experts like this so you can be assured of a proper fit. I tried a pair of their Chung Shi balance walking shoes.

I don't see much on the program web site related to healthy eating other than to encourage smaller portions and fresh fruits and vegetables. That in itself is excellent advice, but I would like to see more about their nutritional approach.

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