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Top 7 Indoors Walking Videos


Updated December 08, 2013

Leslie Sansone has a series of indoors walking workout videos designed for those with limited space to get a walking workout without a treadmill. All you need to do is clear a space in front of the TV or computer monitor and play the video or DVD to be led through a workout. These workouts burn calories and tone muscles. If you are training for a long walk, these videos do not substitute for training outdoors or on a treadmill as different muscles are worked. In addition to getting a disk, you can buy them for download from Walk TV.

1. Leslie Sansone: Get Up and Get Started 1 Mile Walk

Leslie Sansone shows you the basics of walking, including posture. A brisk 1-mile walk will burn calories and condition your heart. This is a good intro to the "Walk Away the Pounds" program. Leslie also introduces using weights to increase your workout. I think this is appropriate for a 1-mile in-home workout, but I do not recommend weights for longer walks outdoors. This is where they belong - where you can control your posture and form.
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2. Two Mile Walk with Leslie Sansone

For the intermediate level, the 2-mile walk brings you 35 minutes of brisk walking, plus toning exercises. This 1996 release in DVD and VHS is considered by some users to the best. This is also available as a DVD including the 1-Mile Walk.
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3. Weight Loss Walk with Leslie Sansone

You can walk up to four miles with this DVD or VHS video. It has three workouts that you can do by themselves or combined. The first workout is a 20-minute easy walk. The next two workouts are 1.5 miles with some moves of higher difficulty. The look is a bit dated as it is remastered from a 1992 workout. Also, she doesn't mirror your moves - when she says left she moves her left, not yours.
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4. Walk Away the Pounds 3-Pack

A collection of all three Walk Away the Pounds programs with Leslie Sansone. Includes "Get up and Get Started," "High Calorie Burn" and "Super Fat Burning." One version also comes with her Walk Away Belt.
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5. Walk Away the Pounds: Super Fat Burning

This 3-mile workout adds light hand weights to include moves for a full body workout. I do not recommend hand weights for outdoors walks or longer walks due to risk of injury. A good controlled workout indoors with this video is the right way to use weights, as your posture and form are controlled and coached by Leslie Sansone. You can also skip using the weights and still get a great cardio workout with this video. Available in DVD and VHS.
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6. Stott Pilates: Walking Pilates Calorie Burning Workout

This video combines and indoors walking workout with beginner-level mat exercises for Pilates. Our Guide to Pilates reviewed it and says the walking workout is of moderate intensity and easy to follow.

7. Get Moving! Walking for Weight Loss

Fitness instructor Madeleine Lewis presents four ten-minute indoors walking workouts. She presents each workout for three different levels so that walkers can choose their intensity level.
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