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Top 10 Walking Videos and DVD


Updated May 16, 2014

Walking workout videos come in a couple of flavors. There are some that teach you how to walk, with good form, on the treadmill or outdoors. Other videos use walking combined with other moves for an indoor cardio workout. In general these provide low-impact workouts good for beginners and for times when you can't walk outdoors, and to spice up your treadmill time.

1. Leslie Sansone Walk TV

Leslie Sansone's Walk at Home
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You can download any of Leslie Sansone's current Walk at Home videos from her web site. The downloads are the same quality as her DVDs, and allow you to watch them on your favorite mobile devices, computer, etc. Don't support YouTube pirates, support Leslie by buying a legitimate copy.
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2. Leslie Sansone - Two Mile Walk

Leslie Sansone leads you through 30 minutes of cardio workout using walking and low-impact aerobics. Videofitness.com rated this as a favorite. Beginners could follow it easily and stop at the 1 mile mark, while more advanced walkers got their heart rates up for a good workout. Comes in VHS or DVD.
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3. Kathy Smith - March to Fitness

Recommended for beginners and as a tape to do indoors every day of the week. A 30-minute workout that uses simple, low-impact marching steps. Kathy introduces the viewer to interval training. Viewers like this as a non-intimidating video with a warm and friendly instructor.
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4. Leslie Sansone - Walk Away the Pounds for Abs

This set includes the Walk Away Belt which you can use to add resistance trainig while you walk at a brisk walking pace, or you can follow the tape and just use your own body's resistance. Three walking videos, guides, and the belt.
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5. Prevention Fitness System - Walk Your Way Slim

From Prevention Magazine, available as a DVD or VHS. It promises to help viewers increase energy and lose weight through an easy to follow a workout based on a "walking" step. Veteran fitness instructor Michelle Dozois leads viewers through this innovative workout that can be adapted to any fitness level.
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6. TreadMoves

Pump up your treadmill workout. These two videos or DVDs take you through a full body workout on your treadmill. Each includes beginner and advanced moves - follow the instructor of your choice.

7. Walk Like a Champion

Videos and book set that teaches racewalking technique, from Jeff Salvage. The set includes basic technique and drills and exercises to improve your walking performance. If you can't get live coaching in racewalking, this is a good introduction to what the technique should be.

8. Walk Like an Athlete

Jeff Salvage shows you how to walk efficiently for fun, fitness, or competition. This two-volume set includes walking techniques, plus stretches and flexibility drills.

9. Denise Austin - Blast Away the Pounds Indoor Walk

Denise leads you through three indoor walking workouts. You get a variety of exercise intensity and moves that work both your upper and lower body. The workouts include the Easy Walk 15-minute workout, the Fat Blasting Interval Walk with 15 minutes of high energy exercise, and the Power Walk and Tone workout to do some body sculpting.
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10. Denise Austin - Trimwalk

ESPN'S "Getting Fit" Host Denise Austin covers the benefits of walking in this 42-minute video. Denise shows you proper form and basic walking principles, with a strengthening and stretching segment to wind down after your walk.

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Your Opinions on Walking Videos

Do you have a favorite walking video? Why do you like it? Give us your opinions on walking videos, and see how other walkers rate walking videos.
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