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Walking on Screen


Updated December 25, 2009

Where have we seen walking on screen?


  • Walk, Don't Run Compare Prices
    Cary Grant's last movie features Jim Hutton and Samantha Eggers. Follows a US Olympic racewalker during the '68 Olympics. Jim Hutton plays a very Lairdesque racewalker to Grant's bemused father figure.
  • The Lemon Sisters Compare Prices
    Diane Keaton, Carol Kane and Kathryn Grody as sisters. Diane takes up racewalking. Henry Laskau is seen racing on the boardwalks of Atlantic City to cheering crowds. From 1990.
  • Personal Best Compare Prices
    Two female athletes (not walkers) train, compete, and fall in love. Real racewalkers are seen in the background at the real AAU/TAC Nationals in Eugene, Oregon. Heiring, Sharp, Evoniuk recognizable.
  • When Harry met Sally Compare Prices
    Billy Crystal and Bruno Kerby go for a fairly convincing racewalk in Central Park in one short scene.
  • Doctor Detroit Compare Prices
    Dan Ackroyd as a geeky professor who (among other things) racewalks. From 1983.
  • Out of Towners Compare Prices
    Walter Matthau race walks in a scene.

Other Walking Videos

  • Racewalk Books and Videos
    Books and videos by Elaine Ward, Jeff Salvage, Martin Rudow, Dave McGovern on walking technique and a book and video on judging. From NARWF.
  • How to Walk Faster: Tips from the Pros
    written and directed by Elaine Ward, includes tips on technique, strengthening, flexibility, and training featuring Olympic athletes, coaches, and masters racewalkers.
  • Walk Like an Athlete
    Jeff Salvage has two videos - one on technique and one on drills, with a companion book.

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  • Michelle and Michael Rowe did three MCI commercials in 92.
  • In the late 1980's the Brown Shoe Company, under its NaturalSport line had two or three nationally released race walking advertisements featuring Lynn Campillii (nee Lynn Weik).
  • Mazola Corn Oil was produced one with racewalker Ray Sharp in the mid-eighties, unknown if released.
  • There is was commercial for Disney's go.com website that involves Bill Penner and Therese Iknoian, both of whom are Master's walkers. The racewalking scene will be in the first 3 or 4 seconds of the commercial. The entire scene was staged to look like a road race scene on city streets, with a stoplight turning from red to green.
  • Dave McGovern did commercials for ATT and Tecate in '96 while training in Mexico City. Daniel Garcia was the star for ATT, Pedraza, Canto and Mercenario for Tecate.
  • FedX commercials using the fast talking man (narrator) theme. Walkers were auditioned to be in a business office scene, race walking/scurrying about as fast as possible. Susan Reina, nee Susan Liers was a principal. She carried two pots of coffee into a board meeting. She race walked into the meeting.
  • The Carefree Bubble Gum commercial.


  • Perils For Pedestrians
    Monthly cable TV show features dangerous intersections, missing sidewalks, etc. One episode features your Guide walking Powell Butte, Oregon on a volksmarch.
  • Almost Live: Comedy Central show used to have Bill Nye (now "Bill Nye the Science Guy") as a super hero called "Speedwalker". He fought crime in the Seattle area dressed in his super hero outfit. His credo was "He makes the city safe while obeying the rules of the national racewalk association." He would capture the low-lifes because he was able to go faster than their fleeing cars and boats and all the while his knee was straight and he never was lifting. A true super hero.

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