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Favorite Walking Music Mixes and Playlists


Updated June 04, 2014

PaceDJ App

PaceDJ App

Pacing Technologies, LLC

What music do you walk to? Enjoy these walking workout music mix recommendations from walkers.
Walkers' Favorite Workout Music

Making Your Mixes Match Beats Per Minute - BPM

If you want to set the right pace, selecting music based on its beats per minute will help you keep in rhythm. A good walking beats per minute is from 115 to 120.

PaceDJ App: This iOS or Android app searches your mobile music for songs that match your chosen beats per minute so you can build your own playlist. If you are looking for new tunes, they also have suggested playlists for moderate walk, easy walk, and runs.
Review: PaceDJ app

Freeware: "With a freeware program I found, I analyze beats-per-minute and sort a variety of music so I can start slow, work up to almost a jog, and then cool down over an hour (about 4 miles). It's fun to match my steps exactly to the beat like a dance. Old rock & roll like the Stones, Irish folk songs, ambient new age--anything with a beat from 110 to 135." Jainen.
Software for Mobile DJs
BeaTunes: A shareware iTunes helper that analyzes the beats per minute of your music library and helps you organize your iTunes library.

Playlists and Mixes

Wendy's Marathon Mix: Here's what I put on my iPod nano for the 2006 Portland Marathon. It may reveal more about me than I want you to know.

Brian's Walking Music Mix - 120 to 135 BPM - 4 to 5 MPH

Karen's 3.2-3.5 MPH Playlist: Somewhat like me, Karen's list is heavy on the 80's.

Steven's Playlist: Some Hip Hop/Rap, Rock, Country and even Tony Bennett.


Podrunner: Free weekly 1 hour podcast
"I am addicted now to a free podcast download from iTunes called Podrunner. The mid range fixed beats per minute options are really great for when I am doing my speed training for an event. They help me keep my pace. The lower range is good for days I am just trying to get off the couch and move. It is relaxing to me to have the uninterrupted block of sound, I forget distractions, and can't help matching my steps to the beat. Many thanks to djsteveboy who provides this free podcast service. He is my new hero." LB
Available from iTunes or Beatport.com


Deborah Cox "Greatest Remixes" - R&B
"I walk on the treadmill to a Deborah Cox CD titled "Remixed". The beat matches my walking speed of 3.9. It's perfect and keeps me going when I need it the most." Paul
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Dixie Chicks "Taking the Long Way" - Country
"When I walk, I listen almost exclusively to the Dixie Chicks. They have a great mix of really nice fast paced songs and some that are good for warm ups and cool downs." MK
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Juice Newton "Greatest Hits: Nashville" - Country
"I rediscovered Juice Newton this summer and I love her music for its fun, emotion, and beat. I use "Love's Been a Little Bit Hard on Me" as my power song when I need to pick up the pace." Wendy Bumgardner
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Hosanna Integrity "Shout to the Lord 2000" - Christian Rock
"Some very good, hard-driving, fast songs such as "Friends in High Places", "My Redeemer Lives" and "Jesus is Alive". Some slow ones two, but I always double-time to those!" NH
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Mozart Still Moves Us: Classical Music
Two walkers wrote to say they enjoy good old Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Geoff listens to classical music while walking and prefers Mozart in the classic style. But another walker likes the Hooked On Classics version.
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ABBA "The Definitive Collection": 70's Pop
Debby writes: "It has several songs that are just the right pace for me when I'm walking quickly and also several that work for the "cool'down" pace." I agree with Debby, I put the faster ones on my iPod nano for the marathon.
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"I Can See for Miles and Miles" The Who
"One song that goes through my head on my walks when I do a short jog sprint is "I Can See For Miles and Miles" by the Who. The words that come into my head though, are "I Can RUN for Miles and Miles." IC

"I'm Gonna Be (I Would Walk 500 Miles)" The Proclaimers
Not only about walking, but it's Scottish!


For many years I've walked while listening to audiobooks. Here are my favorites for fiction:
Top 10 Fiction Audiobooks

How to Mix Your Music

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