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Motivation for Walkers

How do you convince yourself or others to start walking, or to stick with your walking from day to day? Here are motivation tips and tricks.

Ways to Motivate Yourself to Walk
The toughest step is the first one. Here are tactics to motivate yourself to walk.

Counting Steps - Pedometers Motivate Walkers
Use a pedometer to get you started and keep you motivated to get in 6000 to 10,000 steps a day for fitness and weight management.

How Can I Motivate My Wife to Walk?
You want what is best for your spouse, but how can you motivate her without it turning into a negative issue? Sports psychologist Dar Parrow offers an answer.

Tips for the Reluctant Walker
A disaster hits and knocks out your ride home. How do you manage to do it on your own two feet? Here is a survival guide for unplanned long walks.

Walking Excuse Busters
What is your excuse for not walking? We tackle the most common excuses and bust them - to get you moving.

What's Your Walking Excuse - Tell Us Your Excuse for Not Walking
What is your walking excuse? Tell us your excuses for not walking.

Why Aren't You Exercising?
Why aren't you exercising? A poll by America on the Move finds that people say they lack time and motivation.

How You Motivate Yourself to Walk - Readers' Tips
Our readers tell us how they stay motivated to enjoy walking and exercise.

Walking Games to Entertain Kids While Walking
What walking games do you play to motivate and entertain your kids while walking? Do you use walking games, word games and observation games when walking with children?

The Walk That I Am Most Thankful I Took
What walks were life-changing or peak experiences for other walkers?

10 Things Not to Say to a Walker
Walkers endure comments that are insulting, whether meant to be or not. Here are 10 unmotivating comments walkers often hear.

10 Things I Love About Walking
Here's why it's my favorite form of exercise.

Succeeding at Fitness Failure
Don't let failures stop you. Learn from them and let them send you in a new direction.

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