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Leg Lounger

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Updated October 21, 2012

Leg Lounger

Leg Lounger

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The Bottom Line

The Leg Lounger is a great item to have when you want to elevate your legs and give support to your knees. It adjusts easily for angle, elevation, and firmness of the pillow. The teardrop shape and handles let you vary the elevation without getting up. You can change the firmness with a turn of a button so self-filling air pillows inside can fill or release. This beats using pillows or wedges for elevating your legs.


  • Adjusts for angle and firmness


  • For the price, you should want to use it often.


  • Lightweight frame filled with foam.
  • Teardrop shape allows you to vary the elevation easily.
  • Internal self-filling air pillows allow you to vary the firmness.

Guide Review - Leg Lounger

The Leg Lounger is a great item to have when you want to elevate your legs and/or give support to your knees. I've had to use pillows in the past, and it is tough to arrange them to get the right support or height under your knees. Then they shift and you spend minutes rearranging them, only to have them shift again a few minutes later.

The Leg Lounger is a lightweight wood frame filled with foam and self-inflating air pillows. Its teardrop shape, with two soft handles allow you to adjust the angle of the pillow without getting up. At last, I have a single item that can be used to give me stable elevation while still being able to adjust it.

The teardrop shape allows you to use it to elevate the feet and lower legs, great for those needing elevation after a foot or ankle injury or to reduce lower leg swelling. Or, your can position it under the knees to give knee support for comfort while sitting or lying in bed.

Firmness control is another great feature. Self-filling air pillows are inside the Leg Lounger. By turning a knob on the side, you can make the Leg Lounger softer or firmer.

As a walker, I like to elevate my legs after a long-distance walk. The Leg Lounger is also useful for anyone who has lower leg swelling, an ankle sprain, or just enjoys putting their feet up.

The Leg Lounger has a machine-washable cotton slipcover, and you can order replacements in a variety of colors.

The only drawback I see is the price, which is a little steep if it is something you aren't going to use often. If you like to or need to put my legs up often, it is worth having. I especially like the good knee support versus pillows not designed for this task.

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