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Black Toenail Photos


Updated June 01, 2014

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Black Toenail - Losing the Toenail
Black Toenail after it has fallen off

Black Toenail has Fallen Off

Sarah Walsh © 2007 used with permission
You will eventually lose the toenail after you get a black toenail. About.com user Sarah's toenail was shed a month and a half after the trauma. The black toenails I've had took weeks to begin to detach. The replacement toenail slowly grows and pushes away the dead black toenail. The new toenail often grows in thin and grooved. It will take several months to have a normal-looking toenail.


Preventing Black Toenails

Getting Shoes that Fit Well

Lace your Shoes to Prevent Black Toenail



Fixing Your Feet: Prevention and Treatments for Athletes, John Vonhof. Wilderness Press, 2006.

Guide Review of Fixing Your Feet, by John Vonhof

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