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Marathon Walking - Training and Tips

Marathon training including tutorials, where to find coaching, Team in Training, nutrition and marathon day strategy.
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Marathon Training for Walkers
Here is everything you need to know to train for walking the marathon.

Marathon Walk Training Course - 19 Weeks by Email - Free
Each week you receive, via email, walking assignments and coaching tips to train to walk a marathon. Created by certified marathon coach Wendy Bumgardner. Free.

10 Reasons to Walk a Marathon
Why would anybody train to walk a marathon? Here are ten great reasons to get ready to go the distance.

Marathon Training Schedule
A simple 19-week plan to train to walk a marathon.  From your About Guide.

Marathon Training: Why You Need a Long Distance Day Each Week
To make it to the finish line, you have to put in long mileage days in training as well. Here is why and how.

Most Common Marathon Injuries
Whether you walk or run a marathon, you can hurt yourself in 26.2 miles. Here are the most common injuries and how to avoid them

Should I Take a Pain Reliever Before or During a Marathon?
Marathons hurt, but should you take pain relievers while walking a marathon? There are risks you may want to avoid.

Books for Marathon Walking
Find out more about how to train for marathon walk. These books help coach you through the training.

Training Tips for Marathons and Ultra Walks
Long distance walkers give their personal tips for training for marathons and ultramarathon walks.

Tips for Racing in the Rain
If it's going to be wet on race day, here is to dress and what strategies to use to get through it.

What to Wear on a Marathon or Ultra
Select your clothing and gear for a longer event. From your About Guide.

Tips for Night Races and Walking Events
If your race will be at night, use these tips to do your best.

Marathons: Start to Finish
Book with 288 pages with everything you need to know about training for and participating in a marathon, by Warren and Patti Finke. Buy or read online.

Marathon Training Schedules - Dave McGovern
Marathon training schedules for beginner, intermediate and advanced from the coach and author of "The Complete Guide to Marathon Walking," Dave McGovern.

Avoiding Weekend Warrior Injuries
When training for a marathon or half, we need to do long mileage on the weekend. But if you don't also train at shorter distances within the week, you may be a weekend warrior. Dr. Raj tells about the injury risk.

Training to Walk a Marathon
Patti Finke lays out beginner, intermediate, and advanced marathon training schedules for walkers.

10 Ways Races Fail Walkers
Even walker-friendly races can fail the slower folks. Here are 10 things you might expect if you are at the back of the pack.

Race Day Guide to the Finish Line
What to expect as you cross the finish line of a big race.

Race Day Guide to the Starting Line
How can you navigate the start of a big race? This guide will help you understand those unfamiliar terms and traditions of big races.

Portland Marathon: Mile by Mile Walking the Portland Marathon
Mile by mile description of walking the Portland Marathon, with advice from marathon walker Will Glessner.

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