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Book Review - The Complete Guide to Marathon Walking

Train to Walk a 26.2 Mile Marathon

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Updated August 11, 2013

Dave McGovern has coached hundreds, maybe thousands of walkers for the Leukemia Society Team in Training program. Often these are walkers who have never walked a long distance event. On the flip side, he is an elite racewalker who knows training and competing at an Olympic level.

This combination makes him the leading expert in walking, rather than running, a marathon. Dave's style is factual and fun as he leads you through everything you need to know to walk a marathon, for the first time or to improve your performance.

What You Learn

  • Training schedules for slow, medium, and fast walkers
  • Stretches and walking form
  • Shoe and gear advice
  • What to wear on race day
  • Food and drink for the marathoner
  • Advice for starting, middle miles, hitting the wall and finishing
  • What to do the "morning after"
  • Walker-friendly marathon list
  • Fundraising advice for those doing charity marathon programs
This is the one book that every marathon walker should own. Dave maintains contact with marathon walkers through a mailgroup and I often consult him for advice to give walkers. You can visit Dave's web site for more information about his clinics and books.
Dave's World Class Racewalking
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