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Long Distance Walking and Trekking

Long distance walking. Trekkers walk around the world, across countries, or on walking events of 100 kilometers and more.
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Long Distance Walking
How to find, train for and walk the long walks - across countries, multi-day walks, ultras, relays.

Planning Your Camino - Preparing "The Way"
For walkers who want to walk the Camino de Santiago in Spain, this book shows you what it's like and how to start planning.

Books About the Journey
Reviews of "A Walk in the Woods" by Bill Bryson and "Walking to Denver" by Alan Cook.  From your About.com Guide.

A Crazy Little 18 Hour Walk
A new annual event is born - walkers walk for 18 hours in Vancouver, Washington, Memorial Day Weekend.  From your About.com Guide.  

Nijmegen-Rotterdam 160 Kilometers
Christina Elsenga walks across the Netherlands.  From your About.com Guide.  

Shiedam 100 Miles in 24 Hours
Christina Elsenga goes for "centurion" status in the Netherlands.  From your About.com Guide.  

Walking in Viborg, Denmark
Christina Elsenga walks a seven-day walk in Denmark. From your About.com Guide.  

Walking Through Scotland
Alan Cook starts his jouney through the United Kingdom with a walk from the northeast tip of Scotland to Loch Lomond.  Photos and day-by-day account.  From your About.com Guide.

Wow What a Walk! Across Canada
Ole and Helen walk across Canada touching all three oceans - Arctic, Pacific, and Atlantic, beginning in March, 2000.  The world's longest sanctioned IVV volkssport event.

Across Wales Walk
Annual event, 45 miles in 18 hours.  Their hints and tips are good for many long walks.

Australian Centurions Interesting Facts
They've walked 100 miles in 24 hrs. Find out what drives them, from Tim Erickson.

Dales Way
Spencer Lane and Jill Green walk 83 miles on one of Britain's national footpaths, also an IVV sanctioned permanent trail.

Dodentocht "Death March" of Bornem
Annual 100 kilometer walk in Belgium.

Dutch Centurions
Homepage for those who have achieved centurion status - 100 miles in 24 hours - plus event listings and racewalk info.

Long Distance Walkers Association
Organization with 39 chapters in England, publishes a guide to English long distance paths and hosts many long distance walks throughout the year.

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