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GoMotion Sport Runner LiteBelt

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Updated June 29, 2012

GoMotion Sport Runner LiteBelt

GoMotion Sport Runner LiteBelt

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The Bottom Line

For hands-free night walking, running or hiking, this LED lightbelt is a great solution. It is lightweight and it runs on 3 AA batteries that should last a long time. The front spotlight has three brightness levels, beam width adjustment, and swivels to get the best angle. The rear pack has two red safety flashers. It has two zip pockets for small essentials. I found it less distracting to walk with vs. a headlamp.
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  • Bright front spotlight, rear safety flashers
  • Adjustable angle, brightness, and beam width
  • Battery pack and lights removable for laundering belt.


  • No water bottle carrier.


  • Light belt with front spotlight and rear safety flashers
  • Uses 3 AA batteries
  • Two small zip pockets for essentials

Guide Review - GoMotion Sport Runner LiteBelt

Headlamps are all well and good, but the bottom line is that sometimes they are uncomfortable to wear. GoMotion makes several items designed to put the light at sternum or waist level for a different take on hands-free lighting. The LiteBelt solves three problems: lighting your path, visibility for safety, and carrying capacity for essentials.


The LiteBelt has a 1-Watt Luxeon LED spotlight on the front waistband. The beam is fully adjustable. It swivels up and down so you can spotlight your path just where you like it best. It has three brightness levels. An iris adjustment widens or tightens the beam. The position of the light was perfect for me. Headlamps can be somewhat distracting when you are walking in drizzle, rain, or an area with a lot of flying insects. Having the beam at your waist eliminates that.

Visibility Safety

The LiteBelt has a rear flasher with two red lights. You can choose to turn these on or off with a switch on the front spotlight. The pack also has reflective trim for additional safety.

Carrying Capacity

The pack has two small zippered pockets sized to fit a cell phone, MP3 player, identification, keys, or a small digital camera. My wallet didn't fit, but my Blackberry did. It has a center pocket where the battery pack and flasher are stored. You can place some small items such as keys in there. I could carry essentials for a short workout. But it lacks a sports bottle pocket or other way to carry water, so I would have to factor that in for longer walks.


The battery pack and lights are removable so you can launder the pack itself. They recommend hand washing. It was easy to change batteries in the battery pack without having to resort to tools.

I was very pleased with the LiteBelt and I see it as a good solution for those of us who have to walk or run before dawn or after dusk. It not only provides light when and where you need it, the flasher and reflective trim help vehicles to see and avoid you.

Disclosure: A review sample was provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.

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Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.

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