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Insoles and orthotics for your walking shoes can make your walking easier and correct gait and stride problems.
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About Insoles, Arch Supports and Orthotics
If your feet and legs are tired and sore, you may benefit from shoe inserts such as insoles, arch supports or custom prescribed orthotics.

When the Shoe Doesn't Fit - Using Shoe Inserts for Problem Feet
Shoe inserts can also provide relief from foot pain and problems. Arch supports, heel cups, cushioned insoles and pads can customize your shoes.

Bad Shoes? Bad Inserts!
If you have new foot pain and recently changed your insoles, you should investigate further to see if they are causing more problems than they are preventing.

Dr. Scholls Footmapping Review
Dr. Scholls has a footmapping kiosk in many major retailers. I review how this performed to analyze my feet.

Reader Reviews of Dr. Scholls Orthotics
Reader reviews of Dr. Scholls Orthotic insoles.See submissions

Footbalance Insoles
Get a quickly custom-molded insole in-store to support your foot.

Magnets for Happy Feet?
Everyone seems to be jumping on the magnetic insoles bandwagon. But will they really reduce foot pain and fatigue? From your About Guide.

WalkFit Orthotic Insoles Review
As seen on TV - the infomercial promises miracles with these orthotic inserts, but my tester pretty much hated them.

Dr. Scholls
Online advice for a variety of foot problems, plus product information.

Fit Feet Adjust-a-Lift
Adjust-A-Lift heel lifts for foot pain, shorter leg, and lower back problems. Adjustable height for custom fit. Secure online ordering.

Heel-That-Pain Heel Seats
Heel seats designed to help those with plantar fasciitis and heel spur.

Spenco Insoles
Insoles and arch supports.

Superfeet Footbeds
Use their selector to find the right footbed for your foot, for your athletic shoes or dress shoes. Online ordering or locate a dealer near you.

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