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How to Keep Your Cell Phone and Gadgets Dry


Updated March 06, 2012

iPod nano Pedometer Screen

iPod nano Pedometer Screen

Wendy Bumgardner ©
Have you ever had your cellphone screen cloud up or even short out with condensation from sweat or infiltration by rain? I carry several gadgets on my walks, including a cellphone, pedometer, MP3 player and GPS unit - and none of them is waterproof.

Ziplock Bags

I put lots of things in Ziplock bags, but the bags don't fit snugly around the gadgets or allow you to use the gadgets easily. Plus, they tend to open up and let moisture in.


I have covers or carriers for my MP3 player, cellphone, GPS, etc. But they all allow condensation in.

Waterproof Pack

You can carry your gadgets in a waterproof fanny pack, but none of the packs I own are waterproof.

An Old Theater Trick

A friend from the theater offers this easy solution: condoms.

She writes: "Those of us in the performing arts know that anytime you have to put a piece of machinery next to a warm body, you need to insulate it. The best thing for this job is, amazingly enough, a condom. A condom around a wireless microphone battery pack is a must. Battery packs are about the size of a cigarette pack, so you know they will fit over a cellphone. I suggest that if you MUST carry your cellphone, ahem, where it will get warm, use protection! Use a condom!"

My friend was inspired to write this because she was my support on the marathon, and I had slipped my cellphone into my bra because it fell out of my fanny pack in the first mile. The phone worked for the first 22 miles, then succumbed to a clouded screen. Luckily, it dried out after the marathon and continues to work. But my friend was disturbed that she couldn't contact me in the final miles.

I don't know about the condom tip; it may work great, but Ziplock bags take no explaining when they fall out of your fanny pack.

Drying Out Wet Gadgets

Damp or soaked electronics often will revive once they dry out. Our About.com iPod guide offers how to fix a wet iPod

Another solution is the Bheestie Bag (Compare Prices) which is made to dry out wet gadgets. Just take out the battery if you can, pop it in the bag and the bag will dry the gadget well - overnight for routine moisture or 24 to 72 hours if your gadget got soaked.

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