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Winter Wonderland of Lights Tour - Portland International Raceway


Updated June 01, 2014

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Winter Wonderland of Lights
Christmas Lights PIR

Christmas Lights Welcome to PIR

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The Winter Wonderland of Lights is held each year at Portland International Raceway, Portland, Oregon. Walkers have two nights when the track is closed to cars and they can circle the racetrack past lovely light displays featuring the 12 Days of Christmas and other themes.

The Doggie Walk Night is held each year, usually on the Monday after Thanksgiving, and costs $6 per adult, with children under 12 and dogs free.

Runners and walkers can enjoy the Winter Wonderland of Lights Walk & Run. Join over 1000 participants. Cost is $35 pre-registered, $40 day-of-event, $20 for children aged 6-12 and $5 for under age 6. For 2013, the date is Saturday, November 30.

Holiday Calories and Walking Calculator: How far must you walk to walk off the holiday goodies?

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