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How to enjoy hiking, trail walking, and hill climbing.

Hit the Trail - How to Hike
Hiking has some differences from walking on pavement. Here are some basics of hiking.

Hiking Essential Gear
What should you wear for trail walking and hiking.

Hiking vs. Walking
What is the difference between hiking and walking? How to enjoy hiking and National Trails Day events.

How to Walk Uphill
Hiking often involves hills. Here is the right technique for walking uphill.

How to Walk Downhill
Hiking usually involves going downhill as well as uphill. Here is the right posture and stride for going downhill.

Top Picks for Trail Shoes
If you are going hiking, you need a trail shoe to provide enough traction for going uphill and downhill on dirt and gravel. These selections include sturdy trail shoes as well as lightweight trail running shoes.

Top Picks for Walking Sandals
My top picks for trail sandals and walking sandals for fitness walkers and hikers.

Top Picks for Hiking Poles and Trekking Poles - Pairs
A good pair of trekking poles can help you stay balanced on uneven trails.

How to Make a Walking Stick or Hiking Stick
You can make your own wooden walking steps following these instructions.

How to Walk in the Woods
The About Guide to Hunting has good tips for any trail walker.

National Trails Day
Events are held throughout the US on the first Saturday of June to celebrate and promote trails.

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