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Half-Marathon Walking Training and Tips

Walking a half-marathon is a growing choice for a challenging distance walking event. To assist you we have training schedules and an email course to coach you through preparing to walk a half-marathon.
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What Training Do I Need to Walk a Half Marathon?
A half marathon is a great event distance challenge. Here is how you should train to finish the 21K - 13.1 mile half marathon.

Half-Marathon Walk Training Course - 16 Weeks
Subscribe to this free weekly email course to be coached through training to walk a half-marathon.

Half-Marathon Training Schedule
A 16-week schedule to take you from walking 4 miles at a time to being able to complete a 13.1 mile half-marathon in great style.

Half Marathon Walking Mistakes
The right way and the wrong way to walk a half marathon. Learn from my half marathon mistakes.

What Was Your Worst Marathon or Half Marathon Mistake?
What was the worst mistake you made at a marathon or half marathon walk? Share your walking mistakes.

Half-Marathons Grow in Popularity with Walkers
The half-marathon was the most popular distance in 2002 for numbers of finishers. See how walkers are changing today's marathons and half-marathons, from the Marathon Directors Conference, 2003.

Marathon and Half Marathon Training for Walkers
Here is our complete guide on training for the long distance walks of half marathon and marathon.

Disneyland Half Marathon
The Disneyland Half Marathon debuted in 2006 and is a walking or running half marathon through Disneyland and California Adventure theme parks and Anaheim.

Reno Marathon de Mayo Half Marathon Walk and Run
The Reno Marathon de Mayo debuted in 2006 and includes a walking or running half marathon through Reno, Nevade, around the Cinco de Mayo.

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