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Balance Disc

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Updated July 01, 2012

J-Fit Fit Disc

J-Fit Fit Disc

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The Bottom Line

The J-Fit Fit Disc can be used as a seat cushion to give you the same benefits as using an exercise ball as a chair, without some of the drawbacks. It can also be used as the base for core, balance, and stretching exercises. It has one smooth side and one knobbly side to provide massage and more challenges for exercise. If using it as a seat cushion, build up your time on it gradually. If you experience any low back pain, consult your medical provider and consider not using it as a seat cushion.

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  • Use as a seat cushion or base for exercises.
  • One smooth side, one knobbly massage side
  • Can inflate further as desired
  • Doesn't look as unusual as using and exercise ball as a chair.
  • Supports up to 450 pounds.


  • Do not use for a seat cushion if you experience low back pain with use.


  • Inflatable cushion
  • One smooth side, one knobbly side
  • Use as seat cushion or as base for exercise.

Guide Review - Balance Disc

I was using an exercise ball as a desk chair until I had a traffic accident and my tail bone began to complain at the stress the exercise ball induced. I also have iliotibial band friction syndrome and I worried that the exercise ball chair was activating muscles that would further trigger that problem. But with all of the hours I spend at the computer, I felt I needed something to provide a slightly unstable surface to challenge my posture.

The J-Fit Fit Disc is a great seat cushion, providing a slightly unstable surface so your postural muscles are activated to maintain a good posture. It has one smooth side and one knobbly "massage" side, which can help keep the blood circulating if you are seated for a long time. I found the Fit Disc to be a great solution.

You can also use the Fit Disc for balance and core strengthening exercises. Balance discs are a great, portable tool to help with a workout. Examples:

  • Stand on one foot on the Fit Disc for 60 seconds to build balance and stability.
  • Sit on the Fit Disc to do crunches and other ab exercises.
  • Stand on the Fit Disc while using dumbbells for arm strengthening.
  • Stand on the Fit Disc while doing squats.
  • Use the Fit Disc while doing lunges or step ups.
The Fit Disc comes already inflated to a point that is good to use for a seat cushion. You can inflate it further to provide your desired level of instability.

An unstable surface for seating is not for everyone. You should build up your usage time gradually to see how your body tolerates it. If you experience any low back pain, consider not using it.

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