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Diets - Meal Planners - Nutrition Guides

Eat right to reach your goals. Use these diets, meal planners and nutrition guides to analyze your diet and give your body what it needs while getting fit and maintaining energy.
  1. Walking Off Weight
  2. Walking Nutrition
  3. Calorie Calculators
  4. Recipes for Walkers
  5. Low Carb Basics
  6. All About Diets

Food Diary Works for Weight Loss
Writing down everything you eat is a powerful tool for losing weight, according to a study.

Move More and Eat Smarter: USDA Guidelines 2010
The USDA released new dietary guidelines for Americans in January, 2010. They recommend more physical activity and eating a balanced diet.

Diet and Exercise Guidelines
The USDA released new dietary guidelines for Americans in January, 2005. They recommend more physical activity and eating a balanced diet.

Calories Per Day Calculator
Find out how many calories your body burns each day based on height, weight, age, and activity. For fat loss, burn more or eat less.

Calories and Servings
Portions for a balanced reduced calorie diet. Chart your daily servings for a 1200 calorie or 1500 calorie diet. From your About Guide.

BMI - Body Mass Index
Definition of body mass index, known as BMI.

What is a Serving? Rules of Thumb
What is a serving? Rules of thumb for servings of meat, vegetables, fruits, starches, dairy.

Understanding Food Nutrition Labels and Health Claims
What does that food nutrition label mean? What about claims for low fat, etc.? We decode those labels and terms for you.

Fast Food Nutrition and Best Choices
Your best choices for a fast food stop when you are dieting.

Weight Watchers
The Weight Watchers program provides tools to lost weight through portion control and selection of healthier food, plus exercise such as daily walking. Select from live meetings or the Weight Watchers Online program.

South Beach Diet Diary
I tried the South Beach Diet to see how it fit into my walking lifestyle. I had great initial results, and I share my favorite recipes.

The Mediterranean Diet
Lower heart disease risk and lower cholesterol while eating more fat? Yes, that's the Mediterranean paradox, explained by Dr. Dario Giugliano. An active lifestyle also plays a part. Have your pasta and live great, too!

Fast Food Nutrition Facts Calculator
Compare fast food nutrition at six major fast food chains.

There's No Such Thing as Cheating on Your Diet
Stop cheating on your diet by changing the way you think about straying from your diet.

Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010
How to balance your diet. What the portions are, how much to eat each day, ways to improve your diet. From the USDA.

Food Exchange Lists - NIH
Servings and exchanges for the basic food groups, based on the American Diabetes Assocation guidelines, from the National Institutes of Health.

Go Ahead and Enjoy the Wine and Chocolate
Go ahead and enjoy wine and chocolate. Nutritionist Robert Ferguson touts the health benefits of wine and chocolate.

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