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ICEtrekkers Diamond Grip Review

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Updated June 30, 2012



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The Bottom Line

ICEtrekkers slip on over your shoes or boots to provide emergency traction to get you across snow or ice. The slip-on design allows you to use them just when you need them, then stow them in your purse, pack or pocket when you get to your destination or clear sidewalks. Just like tire chains, I keep a pair in my car all winter long.
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  • Easily slip on to your regular shoes or boots
  • Provides good whole-foot traction on ice or snow


  • Strong rubber smell


  • Slips over your regular shoes or boots to provide traction.
  • Diamond grip cleats to cover both forefoot and heel.
  • Comes in four sizes.

Guide Review - ICEtrekkers Diamond Grip Review

Slip-on snow and ice cleats are essential gear to have available during the winter for crossing icy parking lots or walking to the bus or train. I prefer cleats that have biting edges such as the ICEtrekkers, vs. the coils seen on some other brands.

What size to buy is a problem, as you need to be able to put them on without a big struggle, but if they are not snug they may pop off as you walk. If you are buying them for hiking shoes or boots, you will want to buy a larger size. If you are buying them for your casual shoes, you can probably buy the size that matches your shoes. I have found I must go up in size for athletic shoes.

The packaging warns you that these are only aids for walking in ice and snow, that actually walking in ice or snow is inherently dangerous. If it is slick outside, I only use these to get around as necessary rather than for ice jogging for fun. I also use trekking poles for added stability. They are not recommended for dry pavement or gravel. They are not bulky, so it is easy to remove them and put them in a plastic bag in your pack, purse, or pocket.

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