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What Do You Do With Old Race T-shirts?

Ways to Reuse or Recycle T-shirts


Updated August 27, 2011

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If you have been walking charity walks or 10K, half marathon or marathon races, your pile of t-shirts has been growing. At some point you have to clean out your closets. What do you do with those old t-shirts? Some have sentimental value that you would like to preserve. Do you have a creative way to keep the memory while recycling the t-shirt?
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Donating T-shirts

If the shirts lack any sentimental value, they are welcome for donation to any charity that accepts used clothing. The shirts should be laundered before donating, unless they were unworn. Do you have a special group you donate your t-shirts to?
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T-shirts Not Welcome

If the t-shirt is stained or torn, it isn't suitable to be donated. It is difficult to find a recycling center that accepts cloth for recycling. Rather than toss them in the trash, do you have a tip for using t-shirts that aren't in a condition to be donated?
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Preserving Memories

Do you have a crafty idea for preserving the memories those t-shirts evoke? Tell us about ways you use and display your t-shirts. Photos of Memory Quilts and Crafts
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