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Clothing for Walkers

What to wear walking, including shirts, pants, shorts, jackets, sports bras, socks, hats. How to layer your clothing for walking comfort. Advice and online sales.
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  4. Socks (38)
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10 Walking Essentials
How to layer your clothing for walking comfort, and what else to remember before you step out the door. From your About Guide.

Summer Shirts for Walking Women - Top Picks
The right shirt can make a big difference in comfort. These shirts are made of fabric that wicks away moisture to keep you dry and cool.

Walking Shorts for Women - Top Picks
Shorts for fitness walking should be made of sweat-wicking fabric and have a great range of motion. Here are good choices for shorts for fitness walkers.

Women's Winter Shirts for Walking and Running
For cold weather, you will want long sleeves and perhaps an insulating layer. These shirts wick away sweat to keep you both warm and dry.

Walking Pants - Top Picks
Fitness walking pants are best when made of performance fabric to wick away moisture. I list good picks for pants for fitness walkers.

Women's Walking Capris
When the weather is somewhere between cool and warm, capris are great for walking. Here are my top picks.

Running Skirts
Running skirts are very popular. You can move freely yet still feel feminine. Here are some top picks.

iPod Carrying Clothing for Walkers and Runners
Wondering how to carry your iPod or other player along when you go for a walk? These items have pockets for your players.

Waterproof Jackets - Top Picks
A little rain shouldn't stop you from walking. Here are my top picks for waterproof jackets for fitness walkers.

Clothes for Sweating in Winter
Stay both warm and dry while getting a good walking workout in the winter. From your About Guide.

Hit the Trail: Hiking Essential Gear
Trail walking and hiking requires different clothing and gear from walking in town or on pavement. Here is what you need for hiking.

How to Get Body Odor Out of Exercise Shirts
Do your shirts still smell after you wash them? Here are tips to get the stink out.

What Do You Do With Old Race T-shirts?
An event t-shirt is a treasure the day you get it, but what do you do with it after the memory has faded?

Umbrellas - Top Picks
For April showers, summer storms, autumn drizzles - a good umbrella can keep you dry. My picks for walking comfort and easy carrying.

Readers Tell What They Do With Old Race T-Shirts
Readers tell what they you do with old t-shirts from charity walks and races Do you have a creative way to recycle t-shirts?

How To Get Body Odor Out of Exercise Shirts
How do you get body odor out of your exercise shirts? Modern fabrics wick away sweat, but some can retain body odor and never smell fresh. How do you deal with this?

Report a Walking Fashion Crime
Report a crime against walking fashion. What have you seen somebody wearing walking that shouldn't have been worn in public?

Best Sparkly and Fun Race Gear
When you want to dress up for a walking event, where can you find glam gear that still works for performance? Here are some sources.

Running Shrug
A running shrug keeps your arms warm until you have warmed up, or turns your short-sleeved shirt into long sleeves.

Is Bamboo a Better Fabric for Walking?
Bamboo fabric can work great as a performance fabric for walking workouts. It wicks away moisture like polyester but feels soft and silky.

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