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Walking Club Tools - Quizzes - Logs

Fun stuff to help you with your walks and celebrating being a walker, including quizzes, puzzles, free calendars and trackers.
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Walking Calendars and Trackers
Track your walks with free printable or online calendars and trackers.From your About.com Guide.

What Kind of Walker Are You?
Take this walking personality test to see what kind of walking suits you best. Then I steer you to the best resources for that kind of walking.

Quiz: Are You a Walking Wizard?
Test your knowledge about walking with our online quiz.

Walking Photos
Photos and graphics from your About Guide of what walkers can see when out walking. Collections include Christmas light photos, autumn leaves, Italy, Britain, parks, flowers, wildflower gallery, Grand Canyon, walking events.

Puzzles: Where Did Wendy Walk?
Solve these online java jigsaw puzzles of scenic walks around the world and then guess where Wendy walked. From your About Guide.

Walking Theme Email Greeting Cards
Send a walking wish for the holidays, birthdays, marathons, get well and more. From your About Guide.

Marathon, Half Marathon, Extreme Walking and Racewalking Email Cards
Marathon, Half Marathon, Extreme Walking and Racewalking Email Cards

Weight Loss Email Cards
Free email cards for losing weight and weightloss

Friendship, Love and Valentine's Day Email Cards
Email cards for friendship, love and Valentine's Day

Free Email Cards for Christmas, New Years, and the Winter Holidays
Free email Christmas cards, New Years cards, and email cards for the winter holidays.

Motivational, Congratulations, and Thank-You Email Cards
Motivational, Congratulations, and Thank-You Email Cards

Birthday Email Cards
Free birthday email cards with walking themes

Get Well Email Cards and Missing You Email Cards
Free email greeting cards: Get Well and Miss You

Email Thanksgiving Cards - Veterans Day Cards - Autumn Greeting Cards
Free email Thanksgiving cards, Veterans Day email cards, and autumn email greeting cards.

Web Clip Art
Complete guide to clip art from your About.com Guide to Web Clip Art.  Where to find it, how to use it.

April Fools Prank Pages
April Fools articles and prank pages.

Wildlife Spotted on a Walk
What wild things have you seen when on a walk? Our readers share their stories and photos. .See submissions

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