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10 Ways to Get Off the Couch and be More Active

Get Moving


Updated May 12, 2014


Get Off the Couch

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Remember couch potatoes - the folks who sat in front of the TV and never got any exercise? Now we are turning in to mouse potatoes - sitting in front of the computer or gaming console and not getting any exercise. Time to work more walking and activity into your daily life.

The Two Floor Rule: Never take an elevator either up or down for trips of two floors or less.

The Mile Rule: For trips of a mile or less, leave the car parked - walk or bike instead.

10,000 Steps per Day: Buy and wear a pedometer and make sure that you log 10,000 steps each day in your daily activities. You will find yourself looking for little ways to build up more distance throughout the day. Before You Buy a Pedometer

Take a Walk Break: At many workplaces, the smokers actually get in more walking than the non-smokers as they have to hike out of the building to light up. Follow their lead and use your break to stroll around the building - indoors or out, to revive yourself during work breaks.

Reminder Apps and Inactivity Alerts: Use an app or activity monitor that alerts you when you have been inactive too long, or rewards you for moving each hour. Best Sitting Time Apps and Activity Monitors

Errands Afoot: Rather than make stops by car on your way to and from work or school, do your errands on foot. This gives you a destination and a motivator to get out and walk once you have reached home. I then have a reason to walk the 3 kilometers to the post office, bank, or store to finish my errands rather than just sink down in front of the computer. Buy a wheeled cart or backpack to tote things in and eliminate that excuse.

Walk the Kids to School: In Britain, childhood obesity rates were seen to go up at schools where children did not walk to school. Give your kids (or your neighbor children) the gift of a longer healthier life by walking with them to school. You build a good walking habit for them as well as for yourself.
More: Walking School Bus

Beat the Chauffeur Syndrome: Parents often find themselves forced into the role of chauffeur as they take the kids to school, to sports, to activities and social events. Instead of getting behind the wheel, walk or bike with the child to the activity. For more distant activities, don't stand by idle but use the time to get in a walk or other activity yourself.

A Walker's Best Friend: A dog is an excellent walking motivator as well as a companion. Your dog will need walked at least twice per day, and that makes you walk, too.

No Paths? Become an Activist: If there are no safe sidewalks or paths in your neighborhood, don't take it lying down or sitting still. Talk to your local city council, county commission or other bodies and start a movement to support moving about on foot. Often they have a bike commission or even a pedestrian board that is short of members.

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