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Best Walking App - Readers' Choice Awards 2013

Winner and Finalists


Updated July 23, 2014

What app do you like best for walking? The finalists are apps that help map and measure your walking workouts. Voting was open from Feb. 19 through March 19, 2013. The prize: bragging rights.

1. Winner: Virtual Walk

Lincoln Monument - Virtual Walk App
Virtual Walk LLC

This is a motivating app that you can use to spice up your everyday walk indoors on the treadmill or outdoors. Your distance gets plotted on a virtual walk through a scenic or historic place. These include the Appalachian Trail and the monuments in Washington DC. At checkpoints along the way you can view photos and information about the sights on your virtual walk. The publisher is adding more routes, some available for free, others for a small fee. One nominator said, "You feel motivated to reach the next checkpoint on their virtual route. Users can accumulate miles over time to finish the Appalachian Trail. Breaks up the monotony of treadmill or walking the same daily route. Chance to learn about and see pictures of interesting places." Good news -- it's available both in iOS and Android versions.

2. Charity Miles

Charity Miles Screen Shot
Charity Miles - Screen Shot by Wendy Bumgardner

Give your walking a purpose (and your running and biking, too). Open up this free app (iOS or Google Play) and choose a charity. Then go, and your miles equate to money (25 cents per walking or running mile, 10 cents for bike miles) for your chosen charity. Along the way, you can view your exercise time and miles. When done, you must post to Facebook or Twitter in order to accept sponsorship and earn money for your charity. You also get an email with your route so you can view it on Google Earth. As one nominator said, "With every step you take, you're making the world a better place! And it's at no cost to you!"

3. Endomondo

Endomondo App Logo
Endomondo Screen Capture by Wendy Bumgardner © 2013

Endomondo works with a big variety of phone and device operating systems, including iOS and Android. It tracks your outdoor exercise duration, speed and distance via GPS. You can view your route map, set goals, and connect with Endomondo friends. There are also upgrades available to include a step counter, graphs, interval training, and competing with yourself. It is also often integrated into the apps for computer-linked and app-linked pedometers such as Fitbit.

4. Walkmeter by Abvio

Walkmeter Icon
© Abvio

This iPhone app uses GPS to measure the distance of your walks and hikes. It includes a voice so you can hear replies from Facebook and Twitter to your workout posts while you walk, which can be very motivating. It maps your walk and you can view time, speed, distance and pace as you walk. Nominators say: "Wide range of effective functions, accuracy, tracking progress and ability to publish to social media, email etc."
"The app does far more than track walks it includes full training plans so you can move from walking to running your first 5K, 10K, half or full marathon. It's more accurate than other apps and is very easy to use."

5. iMap My Walk

iMapMyWalk Screen
Wendy Bumgardner © 2011

MapMyFitness has apps for many activities, including walking. They are available for iOS, Android and Blackberry, in both free and paid versions. All of them allow you to map and measure your route, see your speed and calories burned, and save and share your routes. By paying for the "+" version, you can geotag photos to add to your routes. You can also integrate a heart-rate monitor with an ANT+ dongle. One nominator said, "Amazing way to keep motivated by tracking during work out, distance, speed, etc. Also great way to track routes with computer backup."

6. All 2013 Readers' Choice Awards

About.com 2013 Readers' Choice Awards
About.com © 2013

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