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Computer-Linked Pedometer Reviews

We review pedometers that upload to a computer or transmit their data to a mobile phone or web site.

Top Picks for Computer-Linked Pedometers
If you love graphs and charts, use one of these computer-linked pedometers to track your walking stats.

Best Linked Pedometers - Readers' Choice Awards 2013
Finalists in the app-linked or computer-linked pedometer/activity monitor category.

Best Computer-Linked Pedometers - Readers' Choice Awards 2012
Which computer-linked pedometer/activity monitor is best? See the finalists and winner in the 2012 Readers' Choice Awards.

Readers' Choice Awards 2011 - Computer-Linked Pedometers
Winner and finalists in the computer-linked pedometer/activity monitor category.

ActiPed Activity Monitor
This activity monitor pedometer is usually available through group programs. It uploads data to a web site to track your data.

Basis Band Health Tracker
The Basis multi-sensor watch tracks not only steps and activity, but also resting heart rate, skin temperature and perspiration. It automatically detects and logs workouts, sleep and active time. It links with apps and your computer.

BodyMedia FIT
You wear this activity monitor on an armband and upload your data via USB to a computer or by Bluetooth to a cell phone app to track and upload pedometer activity, log food choices, and interact with a social network.

AllSportGPS Application for Smart Phones
With this app you can use your smart phone as a GPS speedometer, plus map and measure your walk or biking route.

BodyMedia FIT LINK Activity Monitor with Bluetooth Apps - Review
Pair this activity monitor armband with a cell phone app to see your activity in real time as well as use their computer-linked features.

Fitbug Pedometer
This system uploads your activity data to a web site via a USB connection. It is popular in the UK.

Fitbit One Activity Tracker - Review
The Fitbit One debuted in late 2012 and adds Bluetooth connectivity to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It tracks activity and sleep quality.

Fitbit Pedometer
The Fitbit pedometer system monitors your walking steps, calories and sleep quality and uploads wirelessly to a web site.

Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker
The Zip not only links to computers, it also uses Bluetooth to transmit your data to a cell phone or tablet.

Garmin Forerunner 201 GPS Speedometer
A single wrist unit uses GPS satellites to trace your outdoor workout. Displays speed, distance, pace, time, laps in large display. Charts your route as you walk or run, and can point you back to start. Pace alerts and a virtual partner can pace your workout. Can download all data to computer.

iPod nano Pedometer Review
As of the 5th generation, the iPod nano includes a pedometer and a stopwatch function. Here is how to use it.

LifeSpan MyStride USB Activity Tracker
The MyStride is a quiet and accurate pedometer with a built-in USB dongle to upload your step data to the LifeSpan Fitness Club web site.

Gruve Personal Activity Monitor Review
The Muva Gruve aims to motivate you to increase your non-exercise activity throughout the day and decrease sedentary time.

New Balance Fitness Evolved Headphones NB639 Review
This is a pedometer/pulse monitor dongle on your headphone cord. Listen to your step, distance and calorie data, take your pulse, and download the data after your workout.

Nike+ FuelBand SE Review
The Nike+ FuelBand SE adds "Win the Hour" incentives and exercise session tracking to this highly motivational wristband activity monitor.

Nike+ FuelBand Review
The Nike+ FuelBand activity monitor rewards you with NikeFuel points and highly motivational dancing cartoon. It's a fun activity monitor/pedometer linked to a great web site and iPhone app.

Omron HJ-323U Pedometer
This tri-axis pedometer downloads data via USB to the online OmronFitness.com dashboard.

Omron HJ-720ITC Pedometer
This is a very accurate pedometer with the additional feature of uploading your step data via USB.

Pam Personal Activity Monitor
This is one of the original activity monitors to track your fitness activities and monitor them online.

Striiv Play Wireless Smart Pedometer Review
The Play synchs wirelessly with a smart phone app so you can take challenges, play the MyLand game with the points you earn from your steps, and compete with friends.

The Biggest Loser SLIMCOACH by MYTRAK Review
As seen on TV, this activity monitor combines a simple red/green display with a full-featured web site for tracking exercise and diet.

Timex Ironman Speed + Distance Monitor
This GPS speed and distance monitor can be linked to your computer to track your training.

Spark Wireless Activity Tracker
The Spark teams with the SparkPeople.com web site to track your walking and other fitness activities.

Tractivity Activity Monitor Review
This monitor is worn on or in your shoe and uploads wirelessly to a computer to view your data online.

Wahoo Stride Sensor
This shoe pod works with the Fiscia receiver to transmit your speed and distance to your iPhone or iTouch.

WalkingSpree Pedometer Wellness Program
This wellness program includes an Omron pedometer and tracking physical activity and diet on the WalkingSpree web site.

Sitting Time Apps and Activity Monitors that Track Inactivity
If you sit too much, these devices and apps can alert you and help you get moving more throughout the day.

WalkStyles DashTrak Pedometer
This pedometer wellness system tracks your walking and fitness activities and links to a web site to where you can be coached for improvement.

Withings Pulse Pedometer Review
This pedometer transmits your steps, distance, calories, sleep quality and pulse to the Withings phone app.

Weight Watchers ActiveLink Activity Monitor Review
This activity monitor converts exercise into Weight Watchers PointsPlus values.

Best Linked Pedometer / Activity Monitor
Nomination form for best computer-linked or app-linked pedometer or activity monitor for the annual About.com Walking Readers' Choice Awards. The form is open in January and February.

Fitbit Flex - Wireless Activity and Sleep Wristband Monitor Review
This wristband version of the Fitbit wireless activity monitor tracks steps, calories, distance and monitors your sleep. It doesn't have a numerical display on the wristband, but it syncs with a phone app and your computer.

MotionX Sleep App Review
This iPhone app not only tracks your sleep quality, it is an excellent all-day pedometer, walking workout recorder, and can give you inactivity alerts.

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