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How to Use a Thermometer to Check for Fever - Cold and Flu
You need to know how to use a thermometer if you or your child has a fever. Believe it or not, you could be doing it wrong.
The History of the Thermometer - Inventors - About.com
The first thermometers were called thermoscopes, however, in 1724 Gabriel Fahrenheit invented the first mercury or modern thermometer.
Top 4 Instant-Read Kitchen Thermometers
These thermometers look like an extra-large needle with a temperature gauge on the end. Poke into the meat to get a reading of internal temperature within ...
Using a Meat Thermometer - USDA Publication - Southern Food
Using a meat thermometer, from the USDA guidelines.
Before You Buy a Basal Body Temperature Thermometer - Fertility
Dec 3, 2008 ... Basal body temperature thermometers are marketed and sold specifically for women trying to get pregnant. But do you really need a BBT ...
Top 5 Electronic Kitchen Thermometers - Recipes for Home Cooking
Top 5 Electronic Kitchen Thermometers for Home Cooking. Learn how to choose the right electric thermometer to suit your cooking needs.
Digital Aquarium Thermometers - Freshwater Aquariums - About.com
Digital aquarium thermometers are the most accurate, but also the most pricey. This list details different styles of digital thermometers.
Types of Aquarium Thermometers, Pros and Cons
Aquarium thermometers are a small item, but have a big place in your aquarium. Although the tank may look fine, changing or unsuitable water temperature can ...
Stick On Aquarium Thermometers
One of the most convenient thermometers is the stick-on style. They can be placed anywhere, and in the case of a large tank, several thermometers may be used ...
Before You Buy Kitchen Thermometers - Recipes for Home Cooking
It's important to select the right thermometer for your cooking application. Here is all you need to know when selecting oven thermometers for home cooking.
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