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Introduction to Walking

Welcome to Walking!  I'm your Guide, Wendy Bumgardner.  My job is to create and keep fresh the most valuable site for walkers on the Web.

Features:  New articles almost every week on walking.  I cover every type of walking: fitness, weight loss, pedometer walking, marathon and half-marathon walking, speedwalking, racewalking, hiking, and walking for health.

Walking off Weight: Many people are trying to lose weight or maintain their weight.  I have articles, tutorials, free email courses, recipes, calculators, and journals to help you.

Search:  You can search via the search box at the top of each page, type in the words or phase you are looking for.  The hit the Go button.

Walking Bulletin Board Post messages here to ask questions of everyone and share information, announcements of upcoming events, discuss the weekly feature article.  To post messages you will need to enter an ID.  You can just read and lurk without registering.  Keep to the topic of walking - no postings on great business deals, etc.

Newsletter:  Receive an email newsletter each week about what is new on the Walking site.

I welcome you to come visit us at least weekly as I refresh the site every week with new articles, new links, new events.  With your help, we will keep this the best site on the Web for exercise walkers, racewalkers, volkssport walkers, and walkers of every kind!

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