In Your Face Racewalking Slogans

The buzz on the Racewalk email group was on slogans that would promote racewalking to high school kids, to build the next generation of this Olympic sport. With the attitude put forward by major shoe companies and the "No Fear" t-shirt line, the respondents proposed these in-your-face slogans:

Warning: innuendo and gross remarks ahead!

1. Do you like to puke? Try racewalking!
2. Racewalking: It's harder than running--but people laugh at you anyway.
3. Racewalking: The "Injury Free Sport!" (Except for chronic tendonitis, hamstring pulls, inguinal hernias, sciatica, etc., etc., etc.)
4. Racewalking: Do it wrong and we throw your a** out!
5. Disgusted by the demise of amateurism? Sick of athletes earning mega-bucks for playing games? Try racewalking: the poor athlete's sport!
6. Racewalking: The Rodney Dangerfield of endurance events.
7. Racewalking we don't even get coverage in Walking Magazine!
8. Yes, it's in the Olympics, beavis!
9. I'm doing this to lose 90 pounds--and to make the Olympics.
10. Racewalking: Creeps need not apply!
11. ExXxxtReeme wAlKinG!!! (mandatory funky capitalization)
12. Racewalkers keep it up longer . . .
13. Screw with em! Walk past a runner!
14. I'm only slightly slower than the fastest female runner in the race!
15. I'm only slightly slower than the fastest male runner in the race!
16. Walk till ya puke!
17. Straight Leg. Not just a good idea, it's the law!
18. Roll them hips for fun and profit... RaceWalking!
19. Racewalking: Star Fleet Academy's Official Sport
20. VO2=MAX=Racewalking
21. I Laugh at Extreme Sports 50k Racewalkers Rule!
22. If God wanted people to run, he wouldn't have invented racewalking
24. RACEWALK: Too Kewl for Fools
25. Racewalkers do it with style
26. Racewalkers keep it straight longer.
27. Bend a knee, go to jail.
28. Racewalkers finish faster.
29. Racewalkers always keep one foot on the ground at all times.
30. Racewalkers do IT with straight knees
31. No he isn't a runner.
32. Winners Racewalk, Others Run.

Do you have a suggestion? Send it to me or join the Racewalk mailgroup. The Racewalk mailgroup includes world class athletes and coaches as well as beginning racewalkers worldwide.

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